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True and false agate identification map

Pearl agate since ancient times is jewelry, but also a symbol of identity and affluence. In terms of its texture, agate ornaments and ornaments are beautiful and beautiful, no less than the luster of jade. However, as the agate mineral is found in large numbers in the world, the agate is no longer a rarity, and its price plummets. Due to the unrestricted and disorderly exploitation of the agate deposit, the distribution of the jewelry is extensive and the market price presents vicious competition. Prices have bottomed in the first two years. Although the rebound has occurred since the devaluation of the currency and prices have risen, the prices are still very cheap. Although colored onyxes on the market are mostly warm-burning colors, artificial optimization is the jewelery industry The default industry practices and common procedures, because the natural good color agate is rare, mostly white or gray, natural onyx is a rarity, natural agate less, but also not green, can only be dyed, the current market On the 99% of all green agate are stained, green bracelets will wear a long time will fade, is said to wear on the body harmful to the benefit. Currently on the market to sell onyx is generally red, not only looks good-looking, but also harmless to the body. A burning onyx bracelet, coupled with artificial, materials, profits, cost about 30 dollars, the wholesale price is very cheap, some natural color is very general agate bracelet or synthetic agate, Panjiayuan in Beijing, Liaoning Fuxin Agate wholesale market, the wholesale price of a bracelet is generally 20-25 yuan, retailers get the local retail price in the 50-80 yuan natural fine agate bracelet prices have to be hundred or so, and some even Up to hundreds of dollars, a few thousand dollars. A few days ago, I went to China's Gem City, Changle, Shandong has been a trip, an agate bracelet price of 40-60 yuan, I saw a more perfect color agate bracelet, the boss asking for 1,600 yuan, I also Price 500 yuan did not pay, the final increase to 760 yuan, businesses must 800 yuan, I simply do not want, choose his home. Regardless of the optimization is not optimized, those shops are not common in the small shops onyx, real good onyx, are big clients set aside, very rare in small shops. A few hundred dollars good onyx carved ornaments, and some can be sold more than million. However, the general price of ornaments in the hundreds of dollars, significantly lower than the Xiuyu ornaments prices, although the low hardness of Xiuyu, the color is also very dull, and many thin easy to fade, coupled with larger production, the output accounts for the country now About 70% of the total output of jade, so the price is cheaper, in Xiuyu county 'lotus market' dark green, good texture of high-grade bare stone price of 200-250 yuan per kilogram. Jade carving village in Nanyang, Henan, China, Dushan jade has formed a major industry in Wolong District Dushan, the town of Ping Shifosi, described as 'village machinery ring, every family cut jade sound', a street two rows of workshops everywhere, cut jade The voice of one of the national jade and agate is one of the distribution center agate is one of China's traditional jewelry, China is rich in agate country, its texture imitation hermes bag styles is also significantly better than the agate produced in Brazil, etc. has a long history of agate in the end is the stone or jade? In the history of literature 'red jade' and 'fire jade' refers to ruby ​​or onyx? These historical issues still remain very controversial. Thousands of agate million kinds of jade, many types of onyx, with agate, agate, etc., the color is also very rich. Onyx red, white, yellow, blue, black, purple, green, gray, brown and other colors, but with red, white and black as more than three colors, but also patterns such as wrapping. Among them, the onyx is said to be the top grade, so in the 'Grand' to 'there is no red fake gold and enamel bracelets agate'. Agate texture like crystal, delicate without impurities, shiny glass, transparent or translucent. And mostly layered, layers overlap each other, was corrugated, concentric, mottled, layered and other patterns, but also pure white. Agate is jade or jade stone? This controversy lasted for 1500 years in China. It was not until the Ming Dynasty that it gradually gained the upper hand as a jade raw material, but some of its mysterious veils have not yet been fully opened up. Most people still consider faux gold bracelets for men the agate to be a broad The jade, that agate is not crystal jade crystal, although it is jade texture, but not true jade. In terms of their fake mens gold bracelet grade status, at best, they are mid-range 'jade materials.' Some merchants to promote it as a high-grade jade material, purely flirtatious consumers nonsense agate, is a cryptocrystalline quartz (chalcedony) -based mineral aggregates of jade, the ancient name 'Qiongyu.' Its formation is due to the crustal changes in ancient times, the underground magma ejected in the lava cooling and consolidation process, the bubbles formed by steam are sealed to form a cave. After several years, the silica-containing solution seeps into the bubbles and condenses into silica gel. The soluble components such as iron-bearing rocks diffuse into the silica gel. Finally, with the loss of water, the silica crystals are agate. As the soluble components such as iron rock diffuse into the silica gel, the color of the agate becomes colorful and the color bands are beautiful. It is often used to make handicrafts such as jewelry and carved pieces. It is known as one of the Seven Treasures, By the people's favorite agate mineralogy called chalcedony, do not belong to the crystal class, with a textured side of the party called agate. The word 'Agate' comes from the Buddhist scriptures, the English name Agate, non-jade non-stone, self-contained agate evaluation include: texture structure, color, transparency, block size. Surface smooth, high transparency; delicate texture, toughness; no cracks or cracks less; large block as well. Agate's ribbon clearer, clearer, more detailed, more uniform, the more linear the more precious. Bright colors, pure, color thickness as well. In agate, pure red, blue is the best, followed by the green. Of course, a very good blue agate, green agate, black agate, like onyx, is also a very rare species, the value is not expensive compared to emerald jade, because of agate origin is extensive, rich mineral resources, although the price is cheap, but the culture Connotation is rich, is regarded as a symbol of beauty, happiness, good fortune, wealth, loved by many beauty, fashion, social demand is also great now. Driven by profit, the market is shoddy and cohabitation is also very serious. Here are some without using any testing equipment, only with the naked eye and the general measure of agate can be good or bad, agate true and false points and points, so you like the same expert to buy the right price, desirable agate jewelry, pattern and colour

Natural agate different from the most significant symbol of fake agate is cross-sectional concentric layer structure, the use of this symbol, monolith agate is easier to identify, however, after cutting the finished product, because there is no tidy obvious pattern, then Easy to admit. But in general, the pattern is the real agate ribbon. True agate bright color bright, fake agate color and light are some of the difference between the two more obvious. The color of the agate determines its value. The ancients said: 'Onyx is Red', there is yellow in the agate, red in the yellow, and the transparent as fire is the top grade, which is called 'Fire Agate'. The red is red, purple, dark red, maroon, red sauce, yellow and so on. In addition, the red color as bright as the Kam Jin Jin agate, red and white co-Jin Jin agate or safflower agate. Valuable addition to the onyx, there are green agate, blue agate and onyx and water gall agate. Natural onyx clear color, the band is very obvious, careful observation, visible in the red bands dense arrangement of small red spots. Stone fake imitation agate hookah mostly petal-shaped at the bottom of the pattern, network into a 'chrysanthemum at the end of'; and dyeing blue agate color gorgeous, uniform, giving a false sense of agate ribbon pattern thickness and shape can Divided into many kinds, said in the discussion of 'Hui Hui': 'The students in the South are positive in color and flawless in red; the students are born in the northwest, Bai branch who said Parkinson onyx; black and white on behalf of the gold agate; black and white texture of the middle of the white green who said Agate; face up to the white glow, side if the blood coagulation who said on the folder agate, the most precious.

No pattern of agate chemical composition of a single, that is, SiO2 (silica), called chalcedony. If the process of formation of chalcedony intragastric mixed protein or cryptocrystalline particulate quartz, formed a pattern of ribbons, called agate. Therefore, with the pattern of ribbons can determine what is chalcedony, what is agate. However, people nowadays generally equate agate with chalcedony, which is inconsistent with the meaning of ancient agate. Strictly speaking, there is no feature of the pattern, it can not be called agate, can only be called chalcedony. In the absence of pattern 'chalcedony', there are many jade raw materials. According to the different colors, there are natural colors such as 'chalcedony', 'chalcedony' (also known as Inka stone), 'verdant chalcedony', 'blood chalcedony' (also known as heliotrope) and 'jasper' There are also artificial dyeing. Natural colors are mainly red, amber and white. Among them, red is the best. Most of the blue and purple onyx jewelry on the market are unnatural and are artificially dyed. They will fade in a few years. At present, the requirements for dyed onyx and new national standard are not strict, and are considered as acceptable quality improvement Process method, so do not have to specify when the sale. Onyx and chalcedony have a skin, rough opaque, but also relatively fine, and showing variegated. Because most of the natural onyx colors are not bright, so the agate and chalcedony generally go through heat treatment to change colors, usually are gray, light and other not beautiful natural motley agate, dyed red, yellow, green, Blue, black and other colors. For example, agate and chalcedony containing ferrous ions can be heat-treated to ferrous ions into ferric ions, thereby changing the gray color to red color from maroon and red to bright red. The egg agate is heat treated , From egg blue to white, dyed agate soft colors, made of the jewelry is more beautiful, therefore, agate heat treatment has become a common procedure for making jewelry. As the agate is formed in the molten state of the crystal, particularly dense, Mohs hardness of 6.5 to 7, the surface after grinding more delicate, engraved with a knife marks, so you do not have to worry about agate jewelry was scratched. Onyx agate hardwood board in a dozen rapid rubbing, onyx is not hot, but the board is hot fake mostly agate stone imitation, and the agate than the soft texture, with jade can be marked on the fake onyx, and genuine Can not draw the synthetic agate hardness less than Mohs scale 5, with a knife you can carve traces From the surface, there are few onyx imperfections, false agate is more of some molded glass products, strong glass luster , The surface shrinkage without grinding traces of the small bubbles can be seen with a magnifying glass, observed with a polarizing microscope opaque under orthogonal polarization, it can be completely different from the agate, chalcedony due to the glass texture is very brittle, the structure of the array Dredging, the lack of jade dense and toughness, can not withstand the intense high-speed spin, so the glass is generally not processed high embossed and sculptures with 10 magnifying glass carefully find the presence of bubbles, even if only found one, you can Confirm that the glass, not jade three, process quality

High quality agate production process is strict and advanced, so the surface brightness is good, inlaid solid, Zhouzheng, no scratches, cracks. Water onyx is the most precious variety of agate, characterized by a closed hollow onyx, the hole contains agate quality and good identification of the economic value of the assessment: beautiful ribbon; color is pure, bright red, blue, purple , Pink; transparency is good, that is, translucent; no cracks, no sand heart, no impurities; block weighing about 5 kg or more for agate. Block weight of about 2-5 kg ​​for an onyx; block weighs about 0.5-2 kg for two onyx; block weight of about 0.5 kg three agate.

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