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A cartier eternity bracelet variety of bracelets style

Popular late Qing dynasty popular moment: such as the Qing Dynasty eternal love bracelet fake House Minister Rong Lu a jade Yuling, the value of gold 13000 two. Mid-30s, Beijing Jade sell cartier bracelet King Tieyu Pavilion has a bracelet to 40,000 silver dollars sold to Shanghai Du Yuesheng. Yang waxy green jade bracelet bracelet

As Myanmar love bracelet screw copy emerald jade hardness , bright and clean. And good jade color is both bright and peaceful, high

Preservation and collection value, it is called 'the king of jade.' Be loved by many people who love jade, Pei-yu. Japan, New Zealand also

Emerald as their own 'national stone.' Since Emerald Jade is located next to China's Dian Dian, and most of the finished products are processed in China

Special geographical relationship, combined with the Chinese people's special preference for emerald jade, western countries also generally believe that emerald is China's 'jade' jade powder, crystal and salt water made of synthetic jade is imitation dark old pit jade. Identification method is very simple, that is, their proportion of different. The proportion of natural jade is 3.33.4, while that of man-made synthetic jade is only 2.8. Scattered by hand, or weighing scales can be used to distinguish between true and false with imitation of jade jade, jade white than looking jade. The ancients said: 'Yusuetai nitrate must be high.' That is, white jade like a glass, be regarded as high. Can be seen, difficult to distinguish between the glass and jade. However, after all, the truth is different. In terms of color, white jade often white, very few white, glass is pure white pure white. Jade, jade Wenrun delicate, such as fat, such as grease, although the glass is moist, but there is inevitably shiny thief light. White jade is a natural product, the body is difficult to all uniform, within the jade, jade and so on. The artificial system of glass, there is no above-mentioned appearance. White jade texture is solid, no bubbles can be found. No matter how good the processing of the glass, often bubbles, eye exposed. To understand these few, it will not be as a jade jade artifacts.
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