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The 100t/class ultra-fine grinding machine is an ultra-fine grinding machine with an output of 100t per hour. It is also an ultra-fine grinding machine. It is a common milling equipment for the milling industry. It is suitable for calcite, barite and plaster. High-density grinding of more than 200 kinds of materials such as activated carbon, which has strong adaptability to materials. At present, it is widely used in the construction of building materials, electric power, railways and other industries, and its use effect is good, and it is well received by users. Let's take a closer look at the details of the 100t/class ultrafine mill.1. How does the 100t/class superfine mill work?When the 100t/class superfine mill is working, the crushed ore material will be added to the machine from the feeding hopper of the equipment, and the grinding roller device suspended on the main plum frame will revolve around the vertical axis and rotate itself. Under the action of centrifugal force during rotation, the grinding roller swings outward and presses against the grinding ring, so that the blade shovel the material to the grinding roller and the grinding ring, and the grinding roller rolls the material to achieve the purpose of pulverizing the material.Second, 100t / class production of ultra-fine mill, why can meet your grinding needs1. Stable performance and reliable operation: The main transmission of the 100t/class ultra-fine grinding machine adopts sealed gear box and pulley. During operation, the performance is stable, the operation is reliable, and no accidents will occur.2, high screening rate: the equipment compared with other ordinary milling equipment, the screening rate is high, the screening rate can reach 99%, which is not achieved by other ordinary milling equipment.3, easy to damage parts long service life: 100t / class production of ultra-fine grinding machine vulnerable parts using high-quality high-manganese steel, wear resistance, so that the service life of the equipment is greatly increased.Third, the use of 100t / class ultrafine mill on-site useMr. Li of Shandong wants to build a milling production line and consult with SBM Industrial Technology Group manufacturers on how to configure them. So STM Industrial Technology Group technicians designed the vibration feeder, jaw crusher, 100t/class according to Mr. Li’s production requirements. The production line consists of ultra-fine mill, bucket elevator, and powder separator. After the production line is completed and put into use, the production line operates well, the output is high, and there is almost no dust pollution. It fully meets Mr. Li's energy saving and environmental protection. The demand for production has greatly improved the economic benefits.SBM Industrial Technology Group is a professional manufacturer of grinding equipment. The 100t/class ultra-fine grinding machine is of high quality and low price, and can be equipped with reasonable grinding equipment according to the actual situation of users. Welcome to consult the technical staff of SBM Industrial Technology Group.

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In the ore milling production line, an inadvertent misuse, an unintentional neglect, will cause the production error to widen. The fineness of the heavy calcium ultrafine mill is arbitrarily adjusted between 300 mesh and 2500 mesh. According to the user's reflection, Shibang Industrial Technology Group analyzes why the fineness of its production is not up to standard. The main reason is ?First of all, let's take a look at the composition of the heavy calcium superfine mill. The complete set of equipment includes hammer crusher, bucket elevator, storage bin, vibrating feeder, superfine mill host, frequency classifier, double The cyclone dust collector, pulse dust removal system, high pressure fan, air compressor, and electrical control system are realized by the combination of the entire line.First, the speed of the fan of the heavy calcium ultrafine mill affects the fineness of the discharge. In the process of milling, if the speed of the fan is too high and the wind is too large, the material that does not meet the fineness requirement will be blown into the powder collector. Conversely, if the material has a large specific gravity, the wind will be too small. Affects the discharge, which in turn affects the overall fineness. This requires us to adjust the motor and current to achieve the adjustment of the fan speed.Second, in the analysis machine of the heavy calcium ultra-fine mill, a large number of blades are installed. These blades will wear after a period of use, which directly affects the efficiency of the analyzer. Operators should pay attention to the maintenance during maintenance. Once the blade wear phenomenon occurs, it should be replaced in time to avoid affecting the quality of the milling.Third, under normal circumstances, the production of medium-heavy calcium ultra-fine grinding machine grinding roller and grinding ring is not in direct contact. However, as the use time of the equipment increases, the degree of friction between the grinding roller, the grinding ring and the material increases, and the wear degree of the grinding ring increases. The material is not fully ground and the fineness of the finished product is affected. The operator should record the service life and replacement cycle of the grinding roller ring and replace the new fittings regularly.In short, there are many factors affecting the fineness of the super-calcium superfine mill. In normal applications, only correct operation is carried out, and the equipment is carefully maintained and maintained to better ensure the quality of the mill. Once the fineness of the heavy calcium ultrafine mill is not up to the requirements, it is necessary to check the cause in time, and prescribe the right medicine to ensure the quality of the powder.

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The European version of the ultrafine mill includes the main mill, analysis machine, fan, electric control cabinet, etc., except for the mainframe, all of which are auxiliary machines. Recently, customers have asked us if we can change the lower dust collector because of the site restrictions. s position.

The customer now wants the other parts to move, and wants the toner collector to move 90 degrees, which can reduce the curvature of the pipe after the powder is discharged. The idea is good, but it is not feasible.

why? Because the position of each auxiliary machine next to the main mill is a good match after long-term production test, the current position is good. Once one of them is moved, it must be moved. This is not just a matter of changing the process. It is necessary to change all drawings, otherwise it will affect the overall production effect.

Therefore, the European version of the ultra-fine mill can not change the position of the auxiliary machine at will, so the cost of buying two sets of grinding machinery, and not because of small loss.

The working condition of the European version of the mill is very bad, we must do regular maintenance and maintenance, otherwise it will seriously affect the service life of the accessories, not only bring trouble to the entire ultra-fine grinding production line, but also bring you huge Economic losses.

The European version of the ultrafine mill model has more bearings, each bearing is not the same way of maintenance, but each bearing is either using No. 1 grease or using sodium bitter grease for lubrication, please be sure to ensure that the grinding mechanical bearing per The oil should be added once every eight hours, the blower bearings should be refueled once a month, and the main engine center bearings should be refueled once every four shifts.

In addition to the regular lubrication of the lime powder superfine mill bearings, we should also pay attention to the temperature of the bearing chamber, which cannot exceed 70 degrees. When the bearing is found to be overheated, we should disassemble the cleaning bearing so that the grinding machine can operate well.

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With the development of science and technology, it has driven the rapid development of China's milling industry. The performance of ore milling machine has also been greatly improved, and the types of materials that can be ground are also increasing. However, in spite of the use of ore mills in the process of use. There are still certain constraints. For example, the material size of the ore mill must not be too large. For this problem, the user of the Shanghai SBM has given detailed instructions when purchasing the milling equipment, but the user There will definitely be doubts, what effect does the feed material have on the ultrafine mill?

The accessories of the ore mill generally include a plum blossom frame, a grinding roller, a grinding ring, a blade, etc. When a large piece of material enters the grinding chamber, the material handling capacity of the machine is in a certain condition, and as the material is continuously fed, As a result, the throughput of the machine cannot keep up with the amount of material delivered, so that these materials accumulate in the grinding chamber, causing the product's powder passage to be blocked, resulting in serious production failure. Therefore, if the material is too large, it may cause the machine to block the material, thereby hindering the production efficiency, and the serious situation may damage the machine.

In addition, if the ultrafine mill feed size is too large, it may cause the fineness of the powder to increase. The fineness of the powder in this case refers to an increase in the proportion of the low-fineness material of the collected powder material, because the fine particle size of the ore is a relatively small range when the powder is produced by the ultrafine mill. Within this range, as the feed particle size increases, the proportion of the treated larger powder material that can be blown away by the wind increases, so that the proportion of the larger particle size powder material passing through the classifier increases.

Also, in the production process of the ore mill, if the feed particle size increases, the failure rate of the machine will increase, which is undoubted, because the force of the bulk material on the ore superfine mill accessories will also increase, and Among these accessories, there are three main types of wearer parts: the roller sleeve, the grinding ring and the blade. Because these parts are in direct contact with the material, they wear more than expected and reduce the service life of the user parts. , seriously affecting production efficiency, thereby increasing the investment cost of users.

Excessive feed particle size on the surface is not conducive to the normal operation and fineness of the ore mill, but in the long run, it will also affect the service life of the ore mill accessories and the life of the ore mill. Therefore, here Shanghai SBM recommends that the majority of users in the processing of large ore, you can first use the crusher to crush it into the size of the ultra-fine grinding feed particle size and then use the grinding equipment to grind, which not only reduces the ore mill The grinding burden, material fineness is also guaranteed, and the production efficiency is greatly improved.

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With the continuous development of China's economy, the mining of ultrafine mill in the mine has been developed and utilized. Industrial solid waste has seriously damaged the ecological environment. Limestone is one of the commonly used materials. Limestone is produced after the ore is selected and processed. It has a high use value and will also protect the development of the ecological environment. The grinding principle of ultra-fine mill has obvious advantages in drying capacity, metal wear and simplification, etc. It has the characteristics of low noise, low dust pollution, low investment and low energy consumption, and has been widely used in cement and electric power. In the non-metallic mineral industry such as metallurgy and chemical industry, it has also been promoted and applied in large-scale production systems. With the increasingly mature technology of micro-grinding technology and the increasingly prominent technical advantages of micro-grinding products, it actively absorbs foreign countries. Successful experience, and through the continuous technological innovation and upgrading of the R&D team, successively launched grinding equipment with independent intellectual property rights.

Since limestone is a silicate material, it can be used in many finished building materials. The material processed by the ultrafine mill can be used as cement to produce cement, clinker, lime, gypsum and other activators, showing hydraulic gelation. Performance is a high quality cement raw material. It can also be used as a substitute for natural sand and gravel, as concrete, reinforced concrete aggregate, heat-resistant concrete aggregate, auxiliary materials that require wear-resistant and non-slip highways, racing tracks, airstrips, railway slag, filling tunnels and foundation mats. Layer filler, sewage treatment medium, etc.

With the continuous development of ultra-fine grinding machines, in today's increasingly rapid development, ultra-fine grinding machines have a good application of environmental pollution in the production of industrial operations. The ultra-fine grinding machine developed by us, The blast furnace slag can be further processed to reuse it and protect the ecological environment, greatly improving its use value. China's related research has proposed the cement industry to promote the promotion of micro-grinding, as a large-scale grinding equipment, micro-grinding, crushing, drying, grinding and conveying in one, the production efficiency can be higher, can be blocky, The granulated powdered material is ground into the desired powdery material.

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Over the years, the papermaking industry has used wood as raw material and developed a large number of forest resources. This has caused a large area of ​​woodland in China to shrink, environmental pollution, soil erosion and other sequelae are serious. In recent years, the country has started to put stone papermaking technology on the agenda. Mills also surfaced. The paper produced through stone papermaking is not only waterproof, anti-fog, oil-proof, insect-proof, etc., but also superior in physical properties to tear resistance and folding resistance than wood pulp paper, and the most important is to eliminate the waste of resources. The stone paper mill processes the stone to a specified fineness range and then undergoes a special papermaking process to produce the paper we need.

Non-metallic mines and metal mines, fuels, chemicals and other areas of grinding processing, has always been the pillar of the material industry. Therefore, the development of ultrafine mill technology to a certain extent determines the rational development and comprehensive utilization of non-metallic minerals. At present, China has been able to produce various types of ultra-fine grinding equipment and fine grading equipment. The performance and technology of the equipment have gradually approached the world's advanced level. Some equipment such as Dawn Heavy Industry's T130X-strengthened ultrafine grinding mill has achieved leadership in fine grinding. A very high level of technology. The development status of non-metallic miners is one of the important indicators of a country’s progress in science and technology and industrial development. Many non-metallic miners in industrialized countries have already exceeded the output of metal minerals. The use of non-metallic minerals is mainly reflected in the degree of deep processing, including ultra-fine grinding, fine grading, refining and modification.

China's non-metallic mineral resources are very rich. As an important industrial resource, non-metallic minerals can be directly applied to agriculture, chemical industry, papermaking, plastics, and paints after being graded by crushing and grinding.

Looking at the development of the domestic pulverizer industry in recent years, ultra-fine grinding technology has become the mainstream trend. Dawn Heavy Industries has developed a three-ring medium speed that meets market demand with the support of the original Raymond Mill and high-pressure micro-grinding. Mills, ultra-fine powder mills and other products, adapted to the general situation of China's energy conservation and environmental protection, but also for the majority of users of the mill.

Among them, limestone mill is the most widely used, limestone is one of the most widely used non-metallic minerals, China's highly demanding thermal power plant desulphurization project, the limestone mill produced by Kelirik, desulfurizing mill It has been very good use.

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ultrafine mill is very important in the current mill equipment, and it also uses a lot of milling equipment. At the same time, it is praised by many users. Why is it so, because we have several advantages in the ultra-fine mill. Only by the user's favorite, here we take a look at the advantages of our ultra-fine mill:

The advantages of ultra-fine mill are mainly reflected in the following points:

1. First of all, we currently use advanced domestic and foreign technology design of ultra-fine mills, combined with our current many years of experience, quality clearance.

2. The components of the ultra-fine pulverizer are tightly linked, easy to use, and can achieve our goal more quickly.

3. Economical, reasonable price, small size.

4. Small vibration, low noise, energy saving and environmental protection, is the preferred equipment for current milling.

These points are the advantages of our ultrafine mill. We hope that all of us can better accomplish our goals in the process of use, and we can better accomplish our goals in the specific process of use.

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With the rapid development of the mining industry, the demand for mining machinery and equipment also has a breakthrough. At the same time, however, the requirements of the mining industry for the mill have also increased a lot, without strict requirements on production and performance, and at the same time there has been further improvement in the fineness of the mill. Many companies will worry about superfine mill Which is better? Where can I sell ultrafine mill? Shanghai SBM Machinery Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of mining machinery and equipment, and manufactures ultra-fine grinding machines.

Our company is committed to mining machinery and equipment has been nearly 10 years of history, from the beginning of 2005, to the current technology is relatively complete, our company has always been based on scientific and technological innovation, continuous reform and innovation machinery and equipment, eliminating a lot of technically relative The backward products have made many improvements in actual use, one after another. Our company mainly produces a complete set of equipment for ultra-fine mills. The full range of equipment includes hammer crushers, bucket elevators, storage silos, vibrating feeders, microgrinding machines, frequency conversion classifiers, dual cyclone powder collectors, and pulses. Dedusting system, high pressure fan, air compressor, electrical control system, complete set of equipment, including crushing, grinding, lifting, dust removal and packaging. Full set of automated design can save a considerable part of the manpower. At the same time, the factory has a full set of equipment samples for customers to visit, and related technical personnel for your detailed introduction.

SBM Machinery Co., Ltd. produces superfine mills with fineness ranging from 250 to 3,000. The output varies from 0.7 to 12 tons per hour depending on the size of the equipment. In the end, the quality of the mechanical equipment produced by SBM must be strictly controlled. Under the premise that corporate customers cooperate with the routine maintenance of ultrafine mill, the service life of ultra-fine mills can greatly exceed the expected range. So how do corporate customers change their daily maintenance? First of all, as a high-energy-consuming product equipment, ultrafine grinding mills can't avoid high power consumption, but companies can effectively reduce energy consumption and sing the life of machinery by replacing oil. Secondly, the ultra-fine mill equipment itself has very serious wear and tear. The super-fine mill wearing parts produced by our company use special hard and wear-resistant materials, but in use day after day, year after year, no matter how good The wear-resistant materials also cannot be used excessively, so even changing the wearing parts is a point that the company must perform in daily maintenance work. Here our company advises companies to replace consumables regularly and in accordance with our recommendations. The last point is also very important. Mining machines such as ultra-fine mills are generally made of steel plates that are cast or welded. This means that the possibility of rusting is very high. It is well known that rusting of mechanical products is serious. It directly affects its service life, so our company recommends that companies choose dry and ventilated places to place equipment for production.

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The liner of the ultrafine mill is used to keep the inner wall and the end cap of the ultra-fine mill barrel from being abraded by the grinding body, and to some extent increase the rigidity of the cylinder body. Play an important role in the machine. Therefore, when choosing the liner, we should strengthen the understanding of the liner material. The following is the introduction of the material of the ultrafine mill liner.

Classification of materials

1, high manganese steel: high manganese steel (ZGMn13) in the chemical composition of Mn content of 12% to 14%, the original surface hardness of HRC20 ~ HRC25, during the work process, due to the impact of the lining plate ball, can increase its surface hardness To HRC40 or more. In large-scale ultra-fine mills, manganese steel liners are often deformed due to severe impact, resulting in damage to the ultra-fine mill barrels. Therefore, manganese steel liners should be used in small and medium-sized ultra-fine mills.

2. High-chromium alloy cast steel liner: It has high original hardness equivalent to wear-resistant white cast iron, and has certain toughness. It has higher wear resistance under lower impact force, compared to other materials. The statement has a higher price/performance ratio and can be used in large, medium and small ultra-fine mills.

Material requirements

First, the material of the ultra-fine mill liner should be able to improve the grinding process of the ultra-fine mill, and the second is to select and handle the liner material. The requirements for the liner should have a high impact fatigue durability, can withstand a certain strength of the impact. In addition, the hardness, structure, and composition of the entire liner are uniform. In the use of low wear rate, the use of the process is not deformed, not broken advantages.

Liner material cost

The cost of liner materials is an important factor to consider when manufacturing liners. In particular, it is more important to use low-grade ores, low-grade ores, or low-cost materials such as cement. The total cost of liners should include Material requirements and installation costs, in most cases, also include the cost of relining board parking, which is measured in the form of lost production.

Material heat treatment process

No matter what type of liner is used in the ultra-fine mill, the material of the liner must be extremely hard in order to function and use it in the machine. The material of the liner must have a heat treatment process, otherwise the cracks may appear in the work liner, and the liner material after the heat treatment process rarely occurs. When choosing a building, you should strengthen your understanding and choose the material that is most suitable for the ultra-fine mill liner.

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The performance of an ultra-fine mill depends to a large extent on the performance of the parts. For example, the quick wear of fittings will affect the production efficiency of the entire mill production line, and how to extend the service life of ultra-fine mill parts. What?

Bear the brunt of its normal wear and tear, ultrafine mill accessories including grinding roller, grinding ring, blade, etc., these must be considered when buying, you can consult the manufacturer, which ultra-fine grinding machine parts wear fast, buy When more than one set, in case of need. Here, we must remind customers, in the purchase of equipment, we must check the quality of the products, these wear parts, some manufacturers use high-chromium materials, some with high-manganese materials, some will directly use ordinary materials This can make a big difference in use.

This is often the case, users only consider the price at the beginning of the purchase, the other to ignore, use a period of time to find problems, new equipment, before the investment is not thrown, this time to consider taking some Protective measures to avoid excessive wear.

If the hardness of the processed material is very high, even the wear resistance of the ultra-fine powder mill with high wear resistance will not be low. At this time, instead of replacing the entire equipment, you can contact the Shanghai Shibang Superfine Mill manufacturer, based on the ultra-fine The standard model of the mill, purchased with high wear-resistant fittings, is broken into smaller particles as much as possible before the material is fed into the mill.

If the hardness of the material is not high, it will still wear fast. At this time, we must check the raw materials to see if there are hard-to-grind impurities mixed in. Because it can not be ground, it will continue to cycle and grind in the host of the ultrafine grinding machine, which will accelerate the grinding of the components. The rate of depletion must be screened between feeds to remove impurities.

After ensuring the materials, we must devote more efforts to the operation methods. In strict accordance with the instructions for use, we must refuel the ultra-fine mill. We must not run out of oil. After a certain period of operation, we must stop and maintain the machine in time. Timely cleaning and bonding, as long as the equipment is properly maintained and produced under a reasonable working environment, will greatly extend the service life.

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