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Moisturizing is the foundation of skin care. Any demand for firming and whitening should come after moisturizing.

Taking a layer of water is usually the first skin care step after facial cleaning. filling the stratum corneum with water can promote the absorption of subsequent products. under the condition of the wettest skin, applying the ideal moisturizing product can maintain the ideal moisturizing environment on the skin surface.

Spray is to skin care products what lipstick is to cosmetics. They are all products that are frequently used at high frequency. It is also common to buy many different kinds of products at one time. Spray pumpsare also widely used in washrooms, pockets, outdoors, cars, airplanes, etc.

What determines the quality of the spray?

No matter what type of spray, the actual effect is determined by the content "water" and the cosmetic spray head/pump head.

Atomization effect is also one of the selling points of spray products, such as ultra-fine mist, quick spray, fine and even, no dripping, etc. Among them, cosmetic nozzle/pump head plays the most critical role.

The plastic nozzle/pump head has great influence on the spray state, spray area and spray effect. The price of good nozzle and ordinary nozzle varies from several times to more than ten times.

KEXON plastic cosmetic pump head has uniform spray volume, fine and gentle spray, and can provide good skin care experience.

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The development speed of cosmetic covers has exceeded people's imagination. In our daily life, we can see the application of hose covers everywhere, such as shampoo, cosmetics, detergent, etc. We can see the effect of hose covers in our daily life.

From simple plastic round caps to diversified spray pumpsand hose caps, this process changes according to people's overall needs. Round caps are not as leak-proof as hose caps for cosmetics.

The hose cover can prevent water outside from directly entering the bottle. For the storage of cosmetics, the hose cover can better prevent water outside and bacteria from entering the cosmetics. But also has excellent gas barrier performance, can effectively prevent the infiltration of oxygen and peculiar smell gas, and simultaneously prevent the exudation of fragrance of contents and effective components.

Therefore, the waterproof capability of the hose cover is relatively strong, and it can also directly improve the grade of cosmetic packaging and the use experience of users.

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