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The ore sand making machine has PCL sand making machine and VSI sand making machine. It is suitable for the crushing of soft or medium hard and very hard ore materials with hardness not higher than 320Pa. The sand making machine is widely used in large, smelting, building materials and highways. , railways, water conservancy and chemical industries and many other departments.

Vertical shaft impact sand making machine:

Vertical shaft impact sand-making machine combines the actual situation of domestic sand production, and develops high-efficiency gravel equipment with domestic, international and leading levels. There is an advanced dual-pump oil supply system and an oil-free automatic shutdown and cold water cooling system that automatically heats during cold periods, effectively extending the maintenance cycle. With a thin oil lubrication system, it effectively solves the problem of spindle lock. The hammer head is equipped with an alloy blade, and the main engine runs smoothly and prolongs the service life. The unique two-way feeding method, the main channel and the auxiliary channel are organized and adjustable, so that it can be broken and can be shaped.

Vsi sand making machine:

The vsi series sand making machine is a high-performance sand making equipment developed and produced by German advanced technology and with international advanced level. Its performance plays an irreplaceable role in various fine ore crushing equipment. The vertical impact crusher (sand making machine) has two types: "stone hitting stone" and "stone hitting iron". The "stone hitting stone type" is used for the processing of strong abrasive materials; the "stone hitting iron type" is used for the less abrasive. For material processing, the "stone-rock" type is 10-20% higher than the "stone-rock" type.

What equipment and models should be used depends on the needs of the users. Shanghai ZENITH Heavy Industry can produce a complete set of mining sand making machines for micro-classes. Welcome to contact us. We have a dedicated engineer to recommend a solution for you.

Sand making equipment is one of the sand making equipment used in the sand and gravel construction industry and the mining equipment industry. The equipment of sand making machine is very high, and the service life of sand making equipment is generally short. Therefore, the frequency of replacement of sand making equipment and accessories is also very frequent. In addition, there are many manufacturers of sand making equipment on the market, including various sand making equipment. Type and quality. Therefore, when purchasing sand making equipment, customers must pay attention to the following:First, we must inspect several sand making equipment manufacturers to check the manufacturer's strength, reputation, scale, etc.In addition, you can access the sand mill equipment manufacturer's factory to check product quality, production process, technical level and production maturity. If possible, manufacturers should be able to lead them to the customer's production site for touring, as the user's live presentation is authoritative and persuasive.Then, according to the customer's own site conditions and production conditions, select the appropriate equipment. If the fault should be solved during the operation, there should be a clear after-sales plan with the manufacturer. Then, when signing a contract with the manufacturer, you should read the terms of the contract carefully. If any omissions are found, they should be replenished in time to avoid unnecessary economic disputes after signing the contract.Before providing on-site installation services, Shanghai ZENITH will send professional technical service personnel to participate in the unpacking acceptance, guide the installation and commissioning work, until the equipment is in normal operation, and provide corresponding technical training services. It should then be noted that the customer should pay special attention to the choice of sand making machine and determine which companies are non-physical entities so that customers can avoid detours and avoid unnecessary economic losses when purchasing equipment.

The small series of SBM cobblestone sanding machine introduces how to solve the vibration problem of small sand making machine.

Small sand making machines are being used because they are exposed to harder rocks such as granite, limestone, pebbles, sandstone and shale. Both pressure and wear are greater. Sometimes small sand making machine vibrate strongly.

Once the small sand making machine vibrates strongly, the output of the material will be affected, and if it is serious, the entire machine will be damaged. When the small sand making machine vibrates strongly, three main measures should be taken:

1. Ensure that the weights of the two sets of hammers in the small sand making machine are balanced. In general, the quality of the hammer cannot be guaranteed to be the same. There is an error value. This error will not exceed 5 grams. It will not work. If it exceeds 5 grams, it must be noted. At this point, it must be replaced. One of them makes the weights of the two hammers equal.

2. In addition, the small sand making machine is under strong force, and the strength of the whole machine to bear the looseness of the nut is inevitable. This requires fixing the screws of the machine in time. Of course, this work is mainly done by constantly checking the machine.

Many things have a certain service life, and the components of a small sand making machine are no exception. When the spindle of a small sand making machine is used for a long time, it may bend due to wear and the like. At this point we must replace the spindle of the small sand making machine in time to ensure consistent strength in all aspects to reduce the number of vibrations.

The VSI sand making machine produced by Shanghai ZENITH Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is mainly used for crushing and shaping various materials to achieve the desired effect of customers. The sand making machine is widely used in various ores such as highways, high-speed railways and high-rise buildings.The sand making machine will have such kind of wear during the working operation, and its wear degree is relatively large compared with other equipments. Therefore, there are often cases where the sand making machine and the parts are deformed during the operation and storage process, and the metal is rusted. It also includes deformation and changes in shape, damage to parts, and other factors that are caused by aging. After a long time, it will slowly lose the ability to accurately drink. Solving the aging problem of equipment is a huge challenge for enterprise development.Over the years, with the development of science and technology, the replacement of sand making machine has been quietly carried out. In order to make the application of sand making machines more extensive, the factory should make more efforts.

Most of them know that river pebbles are pure natural stone, which are transformed into engineering materials by mechanical equipment crushing, sand making and sieving. The sand making machine and stone crusher commonly used in the process of river pebble processing, especially the sand making machine, can make sand for river pebble shaping, make the finished aggregate good grain shape, and is widely used in roads, buildings and concrete bones. Materials, water conservancy and hydropower and other fields.

Therefore, for customers, how to choose a cost-effective river pebble sand making machine is very important, how to make a good investment budget is also a very big concern. Here is a brief introduction to some river pebble sand making machine selection considerations to help more customers buy a reasonable sand making machine.

1. Equipment model, there are many kinds of sand making machines on the market, and there are many models. Therefore, the material carrying capacity and processing capacity are different, so the price is also uneven. The customer should choose reasonable sand making according to their actual situation. machine.

2. the production demand, the actual generation of customers need to choose the same size sand machine according to their own demand.

3. equipment quality, the quality of the river pebble sand machine not only affects the production schedule, but also causes the equipment to have a short service life, so the quality of the sand making machine has a low maintenance frequency, which can save maintenance costs and reduce capital investment.

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The new sand making machine is 50% more energy efficient than traditional sand making machines. It can make all kinds of rocks, sandstones and river pebbles with construction sand of various grain sizes. The sand has uniformity of plasmid and high compressive strength, which is far more consistent with the sand produced by natural sand and ordinary hammer sander. Requirements can improve the quality of the building. The equipment has the characteristics of reliable performance, reasonable design, convenient operation and high work efficiency.It is also very normal for the sand making machine to encounter problems during work. Just like people are sick, it can solve this problem as long as the right medicine is available. Today we are going to discuss how to solve the problem of severe swinging of the sand making machine during work, then there are three possible reasons:(1) The sand making machine may also have obstructions in the impeller flow passage. If there is obstruction in the impeller flow passage, the feeding will be uneven, and the body swings too much. The body can be solved by removing the obstruction on the impeller flow passage. The problem of swinging too big.(2) It may be that the equipment is too large due to the excessive particle size of the feed. When the sand making machine is designed, the feed size of the equipment is generally 4 to 5 cm. Generally, the feed size of the equipment is 3 to 4 cm. At the time, the amount of finished sand can be increased. If the feed is too large, the equipment will swing too much. If the feed is too small, the collision is not enough and it is difficult to reach the finished sand.(3) It may be that the wear parts on the impeller of the sand making machine are worn more seriously. If the wearing parts of the impeller are seriously worn, the internal operation of the sand making machine will be unstable, resulting in excessive swing. At this time, as long as the wearing parts are replaced, the internal impeller of the sand making machine can be balanced.

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During the operation of the sand making machine, there are many factors that need our attention, otherwise it will affect the amount of sand produced by the equipment. ZENITH is summarized below.

1, the viscosity of the material.

When the viscosity of the crushed material is relatively large, it is easy to adhere to the sand making machine. The material with high viscosity will adhere to the inner wall of the crushing chamber in the sand making machine. If it cannot be cleaned in time, it will affect the working efficiency of the sand making machine.

2. The composition of the materials.

When the sand making machine crushes the material, the more powder it contains, the more it affects the sand making. These fine powders are easy to adhere, so the material should be sieved before crushing.

3. The humidity of the material.

The material with high moisture content is also easy to adhere when it is broken, so it is easy to block during the feeding process, resulting in a decrease in productivity.

4. The model of the sand making machine is different.

The manufacturer's sand making machine models have different differences. The different types of equipment have different production capacities. When choosing, you should choose the sand making equipment that suits you.

5. The sand making machine should be standardized and regularly maintained.

However, for the sand making machine, regular sanding can be changed according to the operation specifications.

Therefore, there are many reasons that affect the output of sand making machine equipment. If you want high output of sand making machine equipment, you should start from the above aspects. ZENITH has various types of sand making machine equipment, we welcome our customers to come to buy, we will provide you with satisfactory equipment.

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The sand making machine belongs to large-scale equipment. During the production operation, due to long-term work, there will be some regular replacement of wearing parts. Shanghai ZENITH is mainly a company that produces mining machinery and equipment, and the wearing parts are more common than ordinary ones. Wear-resistant, effectively reduce the frequency of replacement of consumable parts, saving investment for customers. Where are the wearing parts of the Sand Making Machine? You can go to Shanghai ZENITH factory for consultation. Our company's wearing parts are sold to new and old customers at ex-factory price. The following ZENITH sand making machine manufacturers explain the maintenance details of the sand machine wearing parts:1. Maintenance of the V-belt. The tension of the transmission triangle tape of the sand making machine should be adjusted appropriately to ensure the uniform force of the triangular tape. When the double motor is driven, the triangular tapes on both sides should be selected in groups, so that the length of each group is as uniform as possible.2. Inspection and maintenance of wearing parts. Regularly stop the observation door and observe the internal wear of the sand making machine. The wear degree of the center feeding pipe, cone cap, impeller upper and lower runner liner, circumferential guard plate and wear block should be replaced or repaired in time after wear. The blocks should be replaced at the same time to ensure the same weight of the wear block. It is forbidden to open the observation door during the working process of the crusher to observe the internal working conditions to avoid danger. Found that the impeller body wears in time to find the manufacturer to replace the repair.3. Maintenance of the bearing. The Sand Making Machine opens the main shaft to clean the bearing every 2000 hours of work. It usually works for 7200 hours and replaces the new bearing. The upper end bearing of the main shaft assembly is a swimming end, and the lower end bearing is a fixed end. After assembly, the pulley should be rotated by hand to be flexible.No matter what equipment is there will be its wearing parts, want to wear parts for a long time, the first is related to the quality of the consumables used by the manufacturer, and the second is related to how the customer uses. Where are the wearing parts of the sand making machine? Shanghai ZENITH heavy machinery has, how to maintain the wearing parts of the sand making machine? Shanghai ZENITH is telling you intimately! ZENITH sincerely welcomes customers to come and buy!

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The ZENITH 1214 counter-type sand making machine is driven by a motor with a power of 132 kW. The hammer in the crushing chamber breaks the stone entering from the upper inlet by the rotational force. The operation warning sign on the counter-type sand making machine and the contact number of our company: 0371-67315555 If the rotating part of the counter-type sand making machine motor is unbalanced, it will make the whole motor vibrate when rotating. Vibration causes damage to the bearings, the feet and the motor itself. In order to eliminate the vibration, the rotating part should be balanced. The balance is divided into static balance on the prism and balance of the balance of the part when rotating. The centrifugal force generated by the rotation of the rotor of the sand making machine motor is large, which will generate pressure on the bearing and cause vibration of the motor. Such an imbalance can be eliminated by static equilibrium on the prism. The journal of the rotor's bearing is placed on a carefully calibrated horizontal prism, which of course is the heavy half that is turned downwards. Put such a heavy lead block in the special groove above, so that the prism of the rotor can stay in any position. After the balance is good, the lead block is usually replaced by the same heavy steel block, which can be safely welded to the rotor or nailed to the rotor.
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Sand making machine equipment can be divided into: river pebble sand making machine, granite sand making machine, limestone sand making machine, marble sand making machine, basalt sand making machine, calcite sand making machine, iron ore sand making machine. , quartz stone sand machine, etc. According to different working principles, sand making machines can be divided into hammer sand making machines, impact sand making machines, counter-type sand making machines, composite sand making machines, etc. Sand making machines are mainly suitable for soft or medium hard and extremely hard materials. The crushing and shaping are widely used in various ores, cements, refractories, aluminum clay clinker, corundum, glass raw materials, mechanism stone materials, gold slag, especially for silicon carbide, silicon carbide, sintered bauxite, sand, etc. High hardness, extra hard and abrasion resistant materials are more efficient than other types of crushers.Energy saving and environmental protection is the biggest advantage of sand making machine. At present, China's traditional natural sand and gravel resources are very scarce. Natural river sand is an excellent building building material. Although there are huge amounts of sea sand stored, the salt will corrode metals and cause buildings. The quality is declining. Therefore, the mechanism sand is the largest source to replace the natural sand. The appearance of the mechanism sand not only avoids a series of hazards caused by the indiscriminate river sand, but also greatly enriches the market demand. It can be said that the mechanism sand is The most ideal alternative to river sand quality materials.

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