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When the sandstone production line is configured or the capacity is modified, the users of the gravel production line are especially reminded. Please be sure to choose a manufacturer with certain sandstone production line equipment configuration, so as to avoid the unreasonable equipment configuration, resulting in the problem that the waste aggregate size can not meet the demand or equipment overcapacity. Users who care about the proportion of granular aggregate particles, mentioning the sandstone production line, in addition to the price of the host equipment such as crusher, often pay attention to the configuration of the feed screening system, but rarely Pay attention to the configuration of the sand washing machine and the sand making machine. In fact, this is not the right waste material. It must be of high quality, including particle grading, waste granules, etc., for a high quality sand and gravel aggregate production line. It also includes the soil content of the aggregate, and the most relevant ones are the configuration problems of the sand washer and the sand making machine.

It is best to use the special counter-attack of stone produced by ZENITH sand washing machine as secondary crushing, if it is limestone sand production line. The crusher has a certain shaping and sand making function, and the produced gravel aggregate particles are rationally graded and the waste type is good; however, if the material is river pebble or granite, an impact type sand making machine is needed, so that the production is carried out. The aggregates meet the national sand standards for construction, but the equipment is slightly more expensive.

This type of sand washing machine has a high degree of cleanliness, and a silica sand washing commonly used in a mechanism sandstone production line is a wheel type sand washing machine. The structure is reasonable, the output is large, and the sand loss is small during the sand washing process, especially the partial transmission of the transmission is separated from water and sand, so the failure rate is much lower than that of the spiral sand washing machine.

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1. The transmission device of the sand washing machine is separated from the working area on the outside of the working area, does not contact with water and materials, does not pollute the bearing, reduces the wear on the equipment, and prolongs the working time of the sand washing machine. Save users' production costs.

2. During the operation process, the loss of finished products is small, the working noise is small, the water used can be recycled, the resources can be reused to avoid waste, and the production process can be environmentally friendly and green sustainable development.

3, the equipment is of high quality, made of high-quality metal alloy, strict production process, advanced production technology, each process is strictly in accordance with the relevant processes, the quality of the equipment produced is guaranteed, the performance is stable, less failure in the process of use.

The performance of the SBM sand washing machine is so good, how much will the price be? In fact, SBM Machinery is a large-scale manufacturer with independent production lines. The raw material purchase channels are formal and independent, the production process is mature and mature, and the technical level is advanced. It can realize mass production. All equipments are sold by manufacturers and are rationalized. Affordable. Users who are in need are welcome to come to consult and purchase.

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The sand washing machine is an indispensable machine for the sand production line. The main function is to crush the sand and gravel raw materials from the excavation, so that the weathered sand with poor compactness is thinned and pulverized under the action of its vibration force; then it is washed and utilized. The sand washing machine washes away traces of stone powder and impurities in the sand, reduces the mud content in the sand, purifies the sand gravel content, and finally obtains the sand material that meets the building requirements. So what are the general sand washing machines we use?

SBM manufacturers are professional mining machinery companies. The main sand washing equipments include sand washing machines and spiral sand washing machines as well as the latest sand washing machines.

Sand washing machine is the most commonly used sand washing equipment for sand making production line. Because of its simple structure and convenient maintenance, it is sought after by the majority of users. The main components are impeller, motor, water tank and other parts. The working principle is to drive the impeller through the motor. The impeller is brought into the washing tank to roll up and down to remove impurities on the surface of the sand stone, thereby completing the cleaning operation.

The spiral sand washing machine is arranged at an inclination angle of 15°, and the lower part of the water tank is surrounded by three times of rafts to form a sedimentation tank. The spiral head sinks into the sedimentation tank, and the spiral is continuously rotated by the electric motor through the reducer, and is fed by the perforated plate at the bottom of the sedimentation tank. Clean the pool to complete the cleaning operation. Spiral sand washing machine and bucket sand washing machine are all sand washing equipment commonly used in sand making industry.

With the fiery heat of the sand making industry, the sand washing machine has become a hot-selling mechanical equipment in recent years. SBM manufacturers will continue to produce high-quality, high-efficiency, energy-saving and environmentally-friendly sand washing machines, contributing to the development of the sand making industry, except for sand washing. Machine series, SBM manufacturers also produce tailings dry row equipment, fine sand recycling machine, dewatering screen and other equipment, welcome customers to visit and inspect.

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