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A great def againest random Armour (like torag) Nez helm, D'hide top and rs 3 gold torags legs are great. Ags is a good choice, as are claws + bgs or chaotic rapir/maul - Agree. Better food or sharks with super pots - Rocktails would be ideal as well as, if you are able to get extremes/ovls

The scape-xp calculation says it's going to be around 102 in particular, i have numbers close to this. I am in 106 or 105 but do not remember. u need to enter the HP lvl and the majority of teams will accept 100+. Torag is more desirable. I said sharks or better u don't have to have rock tails and this is also true for super pots. You don't need to be in a position to make extremes , or ovls.

Off topic: I am NOT trying to make a rude comment, but the person with the post up the post u replayed on did the same thing as me but u didn't replay on him u really need to end this because the ss vs. Whip topics were shut. and u know what's i have to say...

Ok , I'm having difficulties with TDS. I've been there before and ended up getting ~1-3 kills per trip. I don't own any chaotic weapons, and I own an assortment of karils. They are all void (no deflector, and I'm not successful at conquest) whip, torso verac's skirt def and korasi's saber. No bandos or armadyl. Is there anyone who can recommend a reliable setup or guide on my stats/gear? Every guide I've seen have 88+ summoning, chaotics, DFS, or other absurdly demanding demands.

There is no need for a university to score 15 kills or more per day, at your current level. I'm able to tell you that right now. Anything, usually some sort or teleport in connection with my previous actions and sometimes, even Warriors/Archers. Ammo: Broads. I use them for at least 10 kills per trip at 78 in range. They're cheap and OSRS Membership For Sale not quite as bad as some make out.
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If you kill all players on the ship with RuneScape gold enmity - NPC's aren't attacked. You can seize their crew and make them be your employees - or walk the plank... MUAHAHAHAHA - and take over their boat, and then sell the boat or use it to yourself. There is a forfeith button at the stern of each boat, where that boat and crew are brought back to the mainland, along with all their belongings and the boat. The loot is a combination of items on the boat as well as items the players drop when the lose their lives.

Redmonke suggested that the skill have a skillcape. It was my thought that it should have a picture of a boat on the cape, with an sailor in the background. The phrase is: You're hoping to get a mini-ship, and then begin sailing across the sea. This is just an idea, but it could be quite funny. Girfaniam suggested Fishing Boats. I'm now adding to his suggestion.

You can make a fishing boat at level 20. It is a small wooden row boat. As your level gets higher the fishing boat will be able to grow. The ship will also permit you to travel on the port only (unless you are in possession of immunities for weapons).

You could fly fish or use standard fishing rods. It is also possible to go fishing using this experience. Fishing for food is a possibility in case you're running out food. It is also possible to visit the closest port.

Well, as suggested by many individuals and as reported on other topic's this will require a quest. So here goes my lame and created-up - as - i - go - along - quest. The Quest: A Sailor's Live for Me! The difficulty is easy. Length Medium. The requirements are good food as well as armor and a fishing rod. Capability to defeat 200 levels of cheap RS gold Sea Serpent Using only Range Cannons, Mage, or Catapults. You must complete Pirate's Treasure Quest.
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Jagex is adding less content to their games. This isn’t a new trend, but it is steadily growing. It's known as timed content. It's content that you can only do RS gold for a brief duration before moving on. However, it typically offers higher rewards. These include weekly training activities such as the circus and random events such the evil tree. There are also limited "chunks of xp" games like Troll Invasion, which can only be done once per month.

Instead of adding the typical additional degree to a level, like the living rock caverns did to mine (for example) The trend today is to include something that is able to be performed at many more skill levels for varying xp, like fish Flingers. This has several effects: You can't grind it, thereby decreasing the effect of bots. It is possible to earn more xp if you are capable of timing your training. There is a sense of obligation to complete the most of these things as possible in order to maximize the amount of xp gained.

However, does this aid or hinder the game? The majority of these are boring for me, particularly if they're required to earn the most xp. This makes it difficult to develop skills and frustrates me as I cannot simply stick to one method when my aim is to get good performance. If I truly want to, it can be satisfying. Do you enjoy DnDs? Or do you find them irritating and tedious like mine at times?

The Zombiefication. My idea regarding zombies is their appeal. We can identify with them. They don't have a voice. They live for food. They end up dying. The 99% are zombies. Let's finish Lord of the Rings, before moving onto Runescape. We disappear into books as we do into a good game. Lord of the Rings is a story about free will. The Ring is designed to rule them all. In the darkness, it binds the characters. Each of the heroes has their own opinions. The heroes cast their votes against the Ring. We then arrive at Runescape.

Runescape is a world of magic in which all are equal. All can have their say on the game's development. In Runescape we have the option of choosing. To chat, to kill to kill, to master, or to chat. We are able to decide. Or do we? Lord of the Rings has been around for sixty years and has outlived its creator. It seems to be OSRS buy gold alive and well. What about Runescape. Are we able to run and escape from the zombies? You have the option.
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Mages can enchant their clothes to prevent melee attacks. Bind spells can be used to stop a person from moving. It can also prevent their RS gold weapon from cutting them. If Crafting was extended to higher levels, possibly at a higher level, you could make special Mage costumes and then enchant them with Runecrafting, Magic, or both.

Jagex has no other skill that could be added to justify increasing the level to 120. But, I don't see any reason why Jagex would want to. There are some things that you can get in the 90s.

I'm pretty sure this won't be raised, since Extreme Potions are true to their names and we don't require anything more powerful. There is the option to add Saradomin Elixir (Saradomin Brew plus another, which is faster to heal than Saradomin Brew, but doesn't reduce the stats) If they decide to do so.

Doesn't need to be raised, as there is nothing to fill the space. Oh, my. Jagex is a good guy. What do you think? Will Jagex increase the limit on other skills? Should they?

I was thrilled about the opening of the dungeons of hidden resources. While the reward for not finding all of them is not much, certain areas could be very profitable. F2P means that I am able to only look over F2P Dungeons.

Edgville: Hill Giants- but not as crowded as the regular edgville. Cranador: I found this area to be very disappointing. It has a lot of less demons- and looks just as the other dungeons on the island. It's a joke. Dwarven Mines The latest greates mining zone for F2P. 13 coal and 3 silver. 6 Mith are typically not crowded. Surprise: It's got a bank inside! Dungeneering Peninsula is home to a large number of Maple and Willow trees. This is the best location for F2P firemaking as well as woodcutting.

It is located that belongs to the mining guild. It is comprised of two rune ores accessible through F2P. Is this a good thing? This will cause the cheap RuneScape gold price of rune to fall from its 18k ore. What is good or bad? Although miners won't have to go deep into the forest to find rune, it has lost its majesty and is nearly impossible to find. The guild is extremely busy, even though it was once uninhabited.
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New Skills My Conspiracy. Introduction. Since the RS gold inception of Sailing, I've been researching the Medieval period at which RuneScape was created. This thread will share my knowledge, as well as how it is playing in RuneScape. All opinions expressed here are mine alone. If you do not have anything to contribute, please don't post in the thread. Thank you. Note: In this thread it is assumed that both the Middle Age and the Middle Age (or Medieval Era) are presumed to be the same era or time.

The Medieval Age at RuneScape

What does RuneScape compare to the Medieval Age. They were also very religious in the time, as were many RuneScapers. They were also associated with a variety of other religions, including Christianity as well as Protestant. This is similar the various Gods of RuneScape like Zamorak Saradomin and Guthix.
Another thing I was struck by was the Medieval-era landscape. Similar to RuneScape did there exist a Church in every town and city. In addition there were numerous Castles and Palaces and a lot of Huts or Stone Buildings. A lot of these are featured in the game.

There are a few ways the game and the time can contradict one another. The game is based on Dragons and Demons, which actually appear in the game. It also has species like Fairies and Gnomes.

Skills, Quests, and more. There are many skills, quests and more in RuneScape that relate to the Middle Age. The skills discussed in this article can be found in both The Medieval Age as RuneScape.

Hunter Hunter: The Middle Age saw many men and women spending a significant amount of time hunting. The most popular catches were Birds, Rabbits and Deer (possibly coming to the game in the near future). Fishing: There was a lot of food in the rivers, seas and lakes. A lot of people claimed to be better at catching certain fish. Similar to RuneScape as you will observe. Baking and Cooking Baking and Cooking: In RuneScape, this is a very popular skill, but during the Medieval Era it was considered an art. Very few people could make pie, bread and cook meat.

Smithing and Mining: They were both utilized to create weapons and armour during the Middle Age. However, coal was discovered two years later, in 1850. Building: Construction or building are very popular in the game and during the Medieval Era. This is only a small selection of the skills used during the Middle Age. You can also look up Quests from the Medieval Era.

Mountain Daughter: The Mountain Daughter camp cheap OSRS gold is very similar to the Middle Age. To honour the Gods, a Statue was built near the Chief's Hut. More quests needed.
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So I decided to take an investigation into ways to earn money. It was the same... bowstrings and drags, as well as everything else. I was looking for OSRS gold a novel method to earn money. I thought of this innovative idea. You can purchase 28 hides that have been tanned. This will set you back approximately 50k. The next step is to make the d hide bodies. This can take a few minutes.

Now you must buy your nats and prepare your fire staff. Alch them all and you'll be able to be able to alch each of them for a good 4.6k. Total cost of 120k. One inventory... this is the one that can give you 70k profit within just 10 minutes or less. This information is a blessing for everyone who reads it.

The total is 556 385 skillcapes. Questcapes are not included. Do you find anything interesting? It would seem that that firemaking should be on the top of the list, but it's more than cooking and fletching.

My conspiracy: New Skills Introduction. Since the very first concept of Sailing I've been studying the Medieval era at which RuneScape is set. This thread will present my research and the current situation of RuneScape. It is your right to share your opinions here, but please do not post in this forum if you've got nothing of value. Thank for your cooperation. Please note: The Middle Age and Medieval Era is a single time period.

The Medieval Age in RuneScape

How do RuneScape relate to the Medieval Age. The first thing to note is that they were religious at the time. This is also the case for most RuneScapers. But, they also had a variety of different religions, such as Christianity and Protestant. This is similar in ways to the many Gods of RuneScape such as Zamorak Saradomin or Guthix..

Another thing that came to my attention was the landscape of the Medieval Age. Like RuneScape was there a Church in all cities and towns. In addition there were numerous Castles and Palaces and a lot of Huts or Stone Buildings. A lot of these can be seen in the game.

But there are some things that are in contradiction to each other within the game and era. There is the idea of Dragons and Demons, which are actually present in the game. The game also features species like Fairies as well as Gnomes.

Skills, Quests, and More. A large portion of RuneScape has Skills, Quests and More that are related to the Middle Age. The cheap RuneScape gold skills discussed in this article can be found in both The Medieval Age as RuneScape.
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Fishing is a highly sought-after skill that RS gold could earn you a lot. Fishing requires patience and a lot of it. To make a lot of money fishing, you will require an upper level (40or more) that Woodcutting. Lobster and swordfish are the main items that allow fishing to be profitable. If you're a member at level 76, you can capture sharks. Sharks are about 1.1k each which equals an astounding 30.8k per inventory. Sharks are fairly easy to catch; all you need is a harpoon as well as a character at Catherby. Fishing will yield a significant profits if you do it correctly. One note: The reason why I did not mention Manta Rays is because they're difficult to catch and you are only able to catch them in a minigame

An extremely useful, but not profitable ability that is not profitable. Smithing is the art of turning bars into items. It is more beneficial to sell the bars rather than forge something from the bars. You will need 5 rune bar to make an elongated plate body using runes. Each rune bar costs about 17k. The total cost will be 85k for the platebody if you multiply 17x5=85. But here is the sad information: a Rune Platebody costs about 60k. That's basically saying you've lost 25k. If you don't want to be a loss of money, don't make a forge.

Was it your belief that Smithing is about forging? Absolutely not! Smelting is another option. Smelting is when you convert ores into bars. The best thing about Smelting is that it can be very profitable. To make a steelbar you will require two coal ores and one iron. Iron costs 100 coins and coal is around 178. To make 1 bar, you would require one iron mined and two coals. Additionally, you would have to sell the ores for around 456 coins. But if you smelted them you would have gotten about 163 coins more since a steel bar is 619 coins.

A personal favourite! A great skill to make money is to craft. Lumbridge is a good place to start. You can slaughter cows and bring their cowhides (28+) to Al- Kharid. Then you can make leather with a low crafting level, or hard leather with an incredibly high crafting level. So you basically obtain 28 cowhides, and then transform into either leather (28 coins spent) or hard-leather (84 coin spent). Next, get a needle and thread to start making. A studded body of leather is what you can create using leather at no cost to play.

Have you ever been at a random event, gotten an item of a certain kind and said, "Whatever... I will just deposit it into my bank and wait until I'm in need of it"? Now you've got the gem. Crafting can transform gems and gold into pieces of jewelry. A crafting level 22 is needed to make the most basic jewelry item that includes a gemstone. A gold bar, a mold and a gem are all you need to create jewelry with gems. So you would "use" the bar of gold on the furnace and select which type of jewelry you want to buy OSRS gold make. It's that simple! It's a great skill, and if you do it right, it can provide you with a great deal of money.
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Personally, i am inclined to avoid people, but RS gold try to think from their point of view. They think they're smart and great looking however in reality, they're naive. They say something dumb and I feel like punching them. The majority of people don't realize it's an EFFFIN game! When i receive an A in algebra 2, and they get a D- in remidial mathematics, they will be laughing because THEY are fighting 110 times.

Disclaimer: These naive errors are not mine to make. I have personally 150m+ in assets. SO people saying I cheat and such, please go to hell. THIS IS NOT THE 25K TRICK z0mg!

Pewpew, I haven’t updated in about a month. This is because I have been very unactive on runescape. I'll be educating people on the pvp bug. This isn't the same issue as when the host has warned people about the bans.

I have solved the glitch, so idiots shouldn't try it. A few friends discovered the glitch first, and then more people discovered it.

People kept dying with the possibility of losing "300k" each death, while earning profits from it. Jagex discovered it and was able to correct it. The banhammer* appeared shortly after the easter. It warned people they had until Tuesday to be warned that they could be to be banned.

Abusing clans immediately alerted themselves (The clever ones made it happen using new accounts just to have amusement) A riot led by X__icy__x (Forgot his name and was banned), and was followed by files and files of idiots who made the wrong choice, marched around Runescape with their cheat-money. They decided to take rares along with them, so if you have an uncommon item, you may be tempted to sell it right now :)

As for now, people are starting to produce pictures, and youtube videos of people trying, and achieving success with this glitch, and unfortunately not everyone who did use it will be punished because Jagex will give the benefit of the doubt. This is the evidence of the fact that Jagex is taking rare items. This is good news for me since I have now four Santa Hats I bought last month for 10m.

For a long period of time, I've not played Runescape. Myself held a drop-party while I was away. but now im back and am eager to buy RuneScape gold play once more but there was a issue. I am completely broke and have no idea how to start.
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Walkthrough: You have the option to start the A Sailor's Life! The quest begins in Port Sarim, the largest port in Runescape. Talk to RS gold Trader Stan who will tell you that he'll teach you how to construct ships that are similar to his. The ships he builds are made to order, as you can imagine! If you inquire about how, he replies that it is his responsibility to return items to him. Redbeard Frank's Priate Hook is the first thing you'll require. You'll also need an Jug of Wine and Karajama Rum. 5k is not required. In addition you must retrieve a peg leg.

Speak to Redbeard Frank, and ask him to hook you up. Redbeard Frank will inform you that you first have to get Emily an appointment at the Rising Sun Tavern. There's Emily at the tavern in tears. You ask her why she's crying and she informs you that she's going to have to shut down the tavern because she isn't getting enough business. She says she requires 5,000 GP to keep the establishment open. Ask her if you give her five dollars if she wants to take a date with Redbeard Frank, and she says yes. Redbeard Frank will notify her and she will pay the 5k. Redbeard Frank will then hand you his hook.

The next step is to purchase a Jug of Wine and an Asgarnian Ale. It is necessary to sneak the Karajama Rum into the Banana Plantation, just like in Pirate's Treasure Quest. To get the final item the peg leg Ask Longbow Ben in the Rusty Anchor Pub how to get one. He claims that his ship was sunk by a rival pirate, the treasured gold peg leg. He says that if he receives the peg leg back, he'll give him his normal peg leg. You can find the fishing platform close to where the ship was so get there.

Bring a Fishing Rod! Once you've arrived at the Fishing Platform and are there, head to the southernmost fishing spot and cast your line. After catching a few fish there is Longbow Ben's Golden Peg Leg. He will hand you his peg legs if you return it to him. Bring the entire collection back to Trader Stan and he'll tell you to finish one more task. You must take out the Sea Serpent that sank a ship carrying half of his trading supplies.

Take your most powerful range or mage gear and begin sailing on the Trader Stan's Vessel. It has been equipped with two cannons and two catapults, and is now ready to sail. You only have 50 Cannon Balls, 50 Large Rocks and 1 Catapult. Make sure you make use of them properly. After the captain has you to the spot somewhere near Pirate's Cove - Wait for about a minute and then the Serpent will appear. You only have a few seconds to keep him from drowning, so make sure you shoot with precision. After the cheap OSRS gold intense battle, take the serpent's head to the Trader Stan. Congratulations! You have completed the "A Sailor's Live for Me!' Challenge!
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It is believed that the evil forces have driven guthix, saradomin (and the other gods who aren't supportive of zombies everywhere) out of OSRS gold runescape. So now zamorak, and gods like zamorak and other gods of evil have taken over and saturated the earth with skeletons and zombies as well as many other horrible creatures. This mini-game lets you only attack enemies but only other players. To make it easier for teams to work together, there is multi-combat everywhere.

Every game should have at minimum 40 players. Every player is taken to a city. It could be varrock, lumbridge, or seer's village. Each player must protect their town until the zombies are defeated. They'll arrive in waves, with each one getting harder. After they've defeated waves 5 and 6 the spirits of dead warriors will teleport to falador, where they will meet the teams of other cities. All of them must overcome "the Hive" which is a giant gooey egg-like shape, it releases a horrible gunk into the players, once they have defeated that the hive, a gigantic boss zombie emerges from it. It begins at 400 levels, and increases 20 levels for each player that is left on the field.

Once you've defeated the boss zombies, corruption points are earned that can be used to earn rewards in the mini-game. The prizes include the Rod of Darkness, which is a powerful staff that takes three quarters off your health, and causes poisonous and 25-damage to any person within five water-reservoirs (note that this is only effective only if you're fully fit and healthy).

Rod of light, a magical staff that binds a designated target for 5 seconds and takes 1/10 of their health every second. This is then transferred to your hitpoints. It's too complex, therefore I won't continue. please leave some comments or constructive criticism. Also, tips on how to develop the idea, tell me which elements have to be tweaked or removed all together. If you like what you see, take the time to consider giving it a shot! We appreciate you taking the time to read this.

The investigation of Detective. Your mission is to prove that your client isn't innocent of the charges brought against them. You might be accused of theft, burglary or fraud, or murder. In a matter of minutes, you'll need to collect the evidence and prove you are not guilty.

Starting point: seer's village court house. Speak to one of the inmates. Requirements, King's ransom and Wanted. Talk to one of the accusers behind bars to get started. They will tell them that they need a lawyer. If you agree to being a lawyer, they will reveal what you were charged with and the location. Request one of the guards to drive you to the place the location where the crime took place. You will need to gather evidence, anywhere from a broken window, to the smallest fingerprint.

In order to gather evidence, keep in mind what your client is being accused of. If it was Burglary, it would be located in a home, in the case of theft, it will be in a public area or if was fraud, it could be at home or in the public area, swindling, would be in some difficult to locate location like the trapdoor. if it was murder it could have been in an apartment, public area, or hidden place. It is possible to look for clues, such as notes, broken windows, hidden trapdoors or disguises. Fingerprints can also be buy RS gold an indication. if you think you gathered all the evidence needed, you can go back to the court.
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