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The Mainland Appears to RuneScape gold be based largely on Europe, or at least the culture of Europe. Karamja, using its jungles and tribesmen, appears to signify Africa. In earlier European instances, Africa was viewed as the"Heart of Darkness," a land of unknown and death. Right now, it is simply not that. It's too obsolete. For one it's very little, at least compared to the mainland. In addition, it lacks real high level material. After the Legends Quest was introduced could argue it did actually represent the"heart of darkness" feeling connected with Africa because this was the grand father of quests of the moment. But now the concluding the Legends Quest only demonstrates that you are nothing more than an average player and with that Karamja has dropped that dark feeling.

Can you think developers should redo certain areas of the map so they can add more content to the mainland and Karamja? Are the difficulties in doing this too large? It may take a great deal of work, but it is going to keep obsolete areas exciting and fresh for many high leveled players. Additionally, there is the Eastern lands. We have been hearing about them for a while today mostly through the bolt stand salesman in Mortyania but little insight is given on them and it appears uncertain whether they actually exist or will soon be released. Can you believe these ever will be published, and if they're published, will they be as large as the mainland?

Ultimately, Runescape only occurs in the northern hemisphere. The cover of the map is frozen, such as the north pole, and the base is sexy, such as the equator. Can we ever see a southern hemisphere? You don't have to reply to every stage by the way, I'm just creating some questions for dialogue. Personally, I believe they should redo the mainland and Karamja in order that they can make those places larger and add more information. I don't know the technical difficulties which come with this however.

That really is an absurdly long time and contributes to the shortage of older players: they simply don't have time to play runescape and have a busy schedule too, whereas gamers of even more mainstream MMOs do. There are several reasons runescape is so grind-full: The more time you've put into something, the more you are most likely to keep playing. You have invested too much time into this game to start another. There is a consistent belief that the maximum level content is the very best content. Numbers are bigger, pixels are shinier, and also high level content is apparently much more praised and desired by the neighborhood.

The overabundance of high level players in articles not necessarily designed for them forces mid level players to get better in the game or not be able to perform that content. A good instance is God Wars Dungeon: the four initial bosses clearly are not meant for 138s that can power through hundreds of kills, but if you're not a 138, you do not have a chance: hence the material is locked to a higher level. Skillcapes set unusual impetus to receive a skill to 99 since every 99 now has an actual reward, even though there is no real content involving a mid to high level and also a maxed level. This ensures that although the xp is awful, players will continue going for rs 2007 gold that skill.
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If their brand new game is half as predatory as RuneScape gold toward its consumers I will not consider playing with it one time. Because that is the only sort of participant left. There are a couple of old heads left. For now. Old head , I play plenty of other games (even an other MMO), and I play RS3 too.

Along with the devs keep churning out"content" to keep their ever dwinling playerbase from evaporating entirely. Osrs devs are compensated do develop the content while ours are... idk, I'm not blaming them but the top management is obvs not pushing them to create precious game content.

Certainly this is the final nail in the coffin (pun intended) to get POH and Structure generally? That is a lot less than prawnbrokers but that's insane prices for afk cons. I had been making bookcases. Yet only hitting 1.5m/hr with dxp running (with proteans, so bigger inventories( also ) - full cocktail boost, in addition to pulse core and cinder heart boosts. I don't have the outfit, but that's still just losing me 6 percent XP, so I am not 100% certain where the excess xp comes out. Am I missing anything else?

You're aware that the increase from cocktails, cinder cores and heartbeat cores are all obtainable in game without having to spend any money, correct? I mean, I do not care if you think I purchased some keys, but if you are going to try and insinuate something at least be right about it.

idk. I just make flapacks for yak track. It isn't really afk, you make 4 tables an inventory. Unless you've got protean boards it will ever be afk. The take bob interrupted my flat package . Idk if that obtained hotfixed after I attempted it. Most action bar stuff does not interrupt what you're doing.

1 team asked for feedback and community sentiment, the other plonked it from the match. I could not believe they really called this bullshit"thrilling" from the patch notes. I believed it must've been photoshopped into make them seem even more clownish. I interpreted it as a tongue-in-cheek type of buy rs3 gold item as is popular during dialogue in this game.
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Just something interesting for RuneScape gold the combat stats grind, but I dig it. I was so nervous seeing this. I was with my nose on my screen that last measure god which dopamine hit in the end was real. Going against the grain here but that is the first video I felt uneasy watching. 37 long days to grind out something that had zero purpose. Two months to get a whip of Temple Trekking? Meaningful, although absurd. This? Ok. I expect settled is actually okay. That's why I gave 3 other real productive reasons for doing it.

I had a couple of choices: Produce a literal 10 minute video of me getting 3 melee levels, and 3 range levels, and end it at that. OR something I said I'd finish over a year proceed for an incredibly tough achievement. Gather ruby bolt tips and the kwuarms I'll want, and get melee stats to produce my TOB more easy. All when you look at it just trying to have a hint casket for 37 times, then yeah it'll seem pretty moot. But it was a target along with productivity.

The disclaimer which you put in the beginning that this wouldn't be fit was good to hear. I was basically thinking"let this guy sleeping" for the whole episode. You've talked previously about staying healthy and busy during your grinds and I'm grateful you reinforced the point. Hopefully that the editing was considerably less stressful than the grind was. Be great to yourself. I do urge healthiness in grinding. Even this was not too bad as people think, just 5 of the 37 days ever went 9hrs of playtime. If I didnt get a 2nd hint in the first 9 hours of my afternoon, I stopped and tried again the next day. It helps when you've got an entire community pulling for you aswell, maybe not as if you are some unknown man grinding away for it, we do not deserve the swampman.

It was a excellent vid. Kept me on the edge of my chair. Place grind into perspective lmao. Right? Seriously one of my Swampletics episodes in a while. Even though it was worthless, Settled assembled the video in such a way my expectation when he had been doing the last pair of clues was mad.

A tiny bit teared up. Jesus christ, I can not believe I just admitted on the internet a Runescape movie made me shout yeah, that happened. Yeah, it did have some helpful gains, you're right. I forgot about your disclaimer also, thanks for highlighting that. I guess I just got caught up in 37 times for elegant pants I just kind of forgot about everything else that you stated did. I'm also just now viewing your comment about rs 3 gold not going past 9 hours without another clue, my mental image was much worse when I made that remark.
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Yesterday I noticed in my gmail that my account password has been reset. So I reset it back going only on the RuneScape site and cheap OSRS gold it was no issue. I looked in the messages and status to check if there was any bans or anything when it got botted and had been clean. I then logged back onto OSRS and was at tutorial Island and needed to devote a username. This was an accounts had for 10 years. I logged on my own account that was RS3 and it's where I last left it and totally normal. Is this normal to get a stolen account? Iv seen people receive stats and recover theirs. Not a total wipe. Saw my accounts password alter 24 hours past. Changed it and moved online to me. I'd stats that are mid.

I really had an accounts I played with my buddies for perhaps like a week only messing around on. Years after I log into. Tutorial island. I thought it was funny since I swore I'd played this account before, it had my main username and what. As I completed tutorial island I got a message from one of my mates amazed I was actually online. Checked my buddies list and sure enough I had a friends list with people on it and they had me in their friends list from when we played together. I'm unsure what happened to the accounts since there was nothing in the email accounts connected to it.

Your accounts isnt wiped. You are able to login with the exact same email/account and launch it from new, although accounts dont transfer from rs3 into osrs as far as stats and such go. If youre saying that you have been enjoying and have trained already then it seems like youre just logging in to the wrong account. Idk exactly, however I do know reports dont have wiped or reset. So if you are sure that youve had an osrs acc that you played on and have trained up since following the 2013 release of osrs then your acc is not there. If you said it has been 3 weeks since you logged in last then look up your acc about the high scores. Unless you botted and they reset it, but that only happens if its an older acc you havent played forever and desired it unbanned.

My account has been trained by me and have had it since OS release, and the account is about the highscores. My OS and Rs3 log in were exactly the same and on precisely the exact same email. I thought maybe its possible they transfered it across emails if thats possible. But my password reset is still on my own email address once I do the password on my first account. So its like they picked my accounts like a lego block and misplaced it. My password resets are great to my email and accounts, but if I log into im back at tutorial island. Youre logging in with the incorrect account mate. You may of not realized you were using a diff acc maybe or something im not sure, but when its on HS still then it means its active.

Osrs and I play across the side, my games are fps and that I get quite sweaty in them so we tend to rarely play with those with eachother and also my irl friends dont share my sin there. Osrs is comfy for me, something that I will play with those buddies and buy old school rs gold talk about together, compare accomplishments yadda yadda.
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Abolish or I'm not advocating to OSRS gold ignore the polling system and it is a instrument in holding the devs into account. On the other hand, the current polling system requires improvements or flexibility to meet the requirements of their participant base and doesn't function. When 99% of content is left to the community to pick, 

I can not agree with the exaggeration in your article about the disregard of items that are polled. It's essential to be aware that the occasions when Jagex have felt they needed to diverge in the polled result, it was because they felt forced to by the issues with the voting system itself.

The VLS addition is a current and obvious example of this: Jagex poll several minor PvP changes/updates which don't pass and don't believe the community are fairly evaluating the content on goal merit. This means Jagex do them anyway or take that PvP buffs/content wo pass surveys. Polls either need to be a) pitched to individuals who actively participate in or understand the relevant content( b) taken as strong advisement rather than gospel( c) lower threshold, or d) simply make more integrity adjustments.

Concerning to see these questions about images changes. The most important issue is to keep the images style in Cheap Runescape gold game. For images changes is reddit, the only place people are pushing, and I have a sense that it's mostly younger players who never played with with the 2007 Runescape. These people don't have any idea of the additional development time a"toggle" graphics option would consume.

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Yes! That is a fantastic point, I enjoyed the motif changed as you got further to cheap RuneScape gold the dungeons to keep it interesting as it improved. Thanks! Sounds fun, I didn't see any mention of teams, hopefully if it comes to fruition, which could be inserted with a crew or a fleet at least at the non PvP part. Just remember a lot of things that was suggested in that 2015 dev blog about sailing finally came into match, such as fossil island along with the new prayers.

Like it'd overlook the nuance of my answer some queries felt. For example about me playing less than 6 weeks 12, the question is because I have a job. There was no method to describe that my response could be interpreted that I'm playing less just because I am less interested. Same with the Covid question. I am playing less since I've a job because around the time Covid became a worldwide issue. How do I answer queries? The whole survey felt just like that. It sure as hell didn't feel like"Your survey feedback will influence future updates and help form RuneScape game's direction. It's a chance to pitch the group your content designs"

Where was the portion for this part? You could barely elaborate on a number of those pre-existing questions, let a lone give entirely new thoughts or opinions on existing places within jagex you think needs improvement that has nothing to do with dev work/content updates. The survey seemed more about giving them the answers they want and push it in that way (questionnaire questions, images, control queries ), which makes them (jagex) as a company look good (probably for investors) and also to harvest user data (to market to advertisers) and way less about the future of RuneScape game etc.. )

Biggest skill improvements readily Smithing and fletching. Crafting has late game function with zenytes. Fletching arrows I guess and has dragon darts...make these skills useful for overdue game things. For me personally it was building, despite having my favourite rewards the training technique is awful to me personally and relies on aligned cameras. For methodology construction is up there yeah I agree. I'd like to see more world development construction. Like imagine it is possible to enhance how cities seem (similar to burgh p rott activities ). Even possibly as a profit thought. Like you and also you get jobs that are delegated and an agency charge and xp, respectively. Less xp/hr compared to current strategies but turning to on 83 con.

Development construction would be fantastic. Each region could have its own guild with projects that are unique to be constructed throughout the region. I would certainly be interested in dependable experience Instead of gain though. For instance a larger project like building a walkable bridge or NPC house could take 6-8 hours to complete granting reasonable experience rates throughout, and the city could cover all the resource price. You might get paid a reasonable amount for the work but not a fantastic deal. Perhaps you can receive perks or rewards for choosing contracts. The principal focus would need to be which makes it an adoptable training system for those working to a high building level, while also still being rewarding to buy old school runescape gold those who have 99 beyond and construction.
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Its. The content was well received, brought back some old rs3 gold gamers (such as myself) as well as attracted some fresh ones. This being said, with new players comes a new perspective and issue come into the spotligh. I believe today is an excellent moment to look ahead and outline a few of the biggest gripes new and old players come with RuneScape (MTX will not be discussed, because that is a whole topic on its own).

Server capacity and lag: As was mentioned many times within this sub (2-3 times today at least), the servers cannot handle inhabitants of more than 300-400 players. In a lot of cases players rather opt for a higher ping globe than a population one that is higher. This hurts the element of RuneScape sport, but also breeds bitterness towards obtaining new players, as players means less worlds.

UI design and scaling: Can you inform me in the top of your head where in the setting that I can change my combat style (i.e. agressive to defensive)? Or where I could see if my membership will operate out? Or did you know the slayer log can be opened by you in the beasts tab? The layout is quite confusing for a old and new players alike although there are a whole lot of useful things in there. It needs time incestment where the settings that you want to change are located, to learn and is quite offputting. This shouldnt be the case not a chore to navigate through. Not to mention the lack of scalability (why do we only have just one size for texts and a few UI elements?) And the tendency of every interface to shut in battle.

Tick speed: Left the biggest most fundamental problem for last. The tick rate in RuneScape is way to slow. Im not referring to something like this or the grind taking to long, im referring to the responsivenes of all RuneScape game. Many junk click to move the PC, how many of you are of you're infuriated each time once the PC seemingly doesnt respond to some inputs too late? This is exactly what im talking about, due to the slow tick speed RuneScape game seems very unresponsive occasionally, especially during battle and PvM.

This has been a slightly longer article outlining some to buy OSRS GP of their greatest issues I experienced with RuneScape game, combined with the opinions some of those larger youtubers on the RS3 scene (that the RS guy, Maikeru etc.) expressed in their movies along with some comments from new players I fulfilled. Im interested in your opinions, do you believe that these are problems or that RuneScape game is fine as is. The server lags are insidious. Until I get to Telos ping can still read a 30ms for me on Australian servers. Suddenly the small-drags throw off my timing. I miss since the host stutters surges. I could also get full size second freezes that are 4-5. All the time, ping remains 30ms. That is fucked, to be honest.
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These two are so brainless, I had been hours after I performing and still should've gone to bed. Try to keep replaying with the exact same staff for two RuneScape gold or some time, and inquire if they do not mind trapper or healer trying for the first time. And that means you've got free reign, they generally won't. I Kandarin difficult, and received my fighter chest. It really isn't a minigame. No matter what your function is, always keep on top of the calls. I genuinely stop doing anything and stare in the timer until it strikes 0 if it is in just a few seconds; it is that important.

Additionally, when people are studying what roles they need, just spam"new player looking to play att or even coll". They won't mind dealing with you when it means that they can quit dicking around and play When it's a role that individuals are having a hard time filling. I had been anxious about it believe me. I'm the guy who struggles to queue for aggressive in a new video game after I have a solid grasp on it. You should have any difficulty. Please watch Theoatrix's guide on Barbarian Assault. It covers everything, from the bleeding obvious to the easily. Also it turned newcomer me from an energetic liability to an inexperienced asset.Old School RuneScape Skill And Money Earning Training Guide

Since February 2013, Old School RuneScape has completely appeared in the public's field of vision as a derivative version of the previous game RuneScape, although the difference is that the version of RuneScape has been populated a lot soon after that, and its participant base can also be increasing and reaching a new high in contrast to the initial game. Jagex made excellent overhauls into Old School RuneScape, making it entirely different from RuneScape to buy osrs gold safe, that is to say, players need to accommodate for some time to play Old School RuneScape, and also the players' focus is more on two facets, cash making and skill training, which are completely different from the original game. Here is a manual from skill training to making OSRS Gold, letting you thoroughly penetrate RuneScape sport and gain from it.

At Old School RuneScape, it revolves about multiple abilities and the training is to allow players to experience and master one or more skills quickly, they are ordinarily not XP-earned, and the activities that are done in order to obtain rewards or unique things are ordinarily not considered training. You can't get anything but for the ability. Whether you are a newcomer to Old School RuneScape, or a long-time and loyal participant, it's permitted to use all sorts of methods to train all abilities, the quickest way of which is that the players can choose the very best method according to the attributes of their skills, and what they want from skill training.
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I think I have an comprehension of this skillsets. I have OSRS gold job to re-release an early game. I have been modding games for years, and I'm only 30. I am learning stuff using blender. None of this is professional game development, but it's in the exact solar system. I don't think I will convince you; that was my objective. You're a moron if you don't know that individuals can do more than 1 thing.

I'm self employed, and I've worked lots of different tasks, and my own little organization runs. I my own sections. And it's a subject of work I understood nothing about 7 decades back, and haven't been trained in at 25, which. And I went for something completely different. So either I'm just super amazing, or studying isn't that hard. Obviously, the answer is that studying is hard - but possible. It's more easy for some b/c IQ differs from person to person. So does work. Game development seems to me just like a field where they do not hire dummies, therefore I expect the developers in order to do more than one thing. That's because they have paid regardless of the business is, although their companies don't. I don't.

My criticism of the debate is a good deal bigger issue than the surface analysis that states"Artists can not write code". No, probably not, but I'm sure they could create art assets for other endeavors, right? I am pretty certain they could re-allocate a few of their time to client service? I am pretty sure some workers might stand out with their hands in their pockets and observe the building burn down around them while lamenting that fire extinguishing is somebody else's job. As it is simply not that hard, employees would handle it.

I like this' concept, and that I like the proposal to create it in match time. A season could go for a full month, but limited to a week of in game time or something (obviously flexible ). Osrs isn't actually the type of game to rush through and spend 20 hours each day to be"aggressive". The limited hours would benefit everybody, since there would be time for you to offline plan instead of the DMM type of being actively doing something in any way times, burning tons of people out fast. Thought for recurring content overall, also for getting players to do something.

I visit a good deal of people complaining here and that I really do think our concerns are heard and they likely are working towards fixing these problems that we have. Possible it may ease tensions if they responded or said something about what's in the works right now. I believe RuneScape mode is going to be an experience that is interesting and I am looking forward for this. I really do have a few questions of my own that I Need to ask:

First off there's hint of concern among individuals their gains of cheap RS gold in RuneScape mode could be a loss to their profits in the game style. Would there be some type of compensation of profits given out at the end being half of the exp or something (assuming no dxp), very similar to if darkman mode or anything that Rs3 mode was got closed down? I feel that this would induce more individuals to test RuneScape mode out, and would theis might be worthwhile for"hardcore 8+hrs a day streamers" which is a large criticism.
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I want all these group events back and the weekly penguins. It there's little to no reason to interact with other players and ended up being lots OSRS gold of fun. OSRS has come to be a single player game with other people in the manner. Just Nerf the exp rates some to balance it but not so much that it is useless.I miss the penguins. A whole lot of people believe that D&Ds are a part of what destroyed RS but I found them fun.I want all of these group events back along with the weekly penguins. It there's little to no reason to ever interact with other gamers and was a lot of fun. OSRS has come to be a single player game with different people in the manner. Just Nerf the exp rates it to balance but not so much that it's useless.

I had an idea to get a tree that is. The shrub has roots which grow out which need to be sliced to cope damage and the tree attacks the participant in various manners. E.G. roots become spiked coping damage to the participant, yet another root may be transformed into a state that heals the shrub. After they burst In addition to seeds being thrown out to the ground which deal damage to the player in a certain area.

They should have added wicked trees back a very long time. Its a fantastic factor for groups of individuals to get together and perform. Its a fantastic and easy social occasion for pvmers and skillers. We need to send this to jagex.Only problem is this would add yet another thing to do every day, and again in the day Dailyscape proved to be a true (annoying) thing as you felt as you weren't being effective if you didnt take part. So that its worth cheated if you didnt login to perform your daily might be tricky coming up with a way.

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Dailyscape surely lead me to burnout hard. I felt that I was training like half of my abilities only passively by doing dailies.I really recently came back to RuneScape and was pretty sad that Hunter, one of my favorite skills, is now mostly passive through Birdhouses. Would hate to find out skills go that way. Birdhouses are the only passive approach. It's not great for training XP if you're needing to level up fast to unlock particular requirements, but it's certainly one way to train it in case you can't be bothered skilling. Using passive methods would accumulate together not to become passive at all, although I really don't think it would be awful to have only 1 method like that to get a skill.

Why would you not do the runs and train with Chins so question? It's not like they made it. There's a ton of content I ignore because I dont really enjoy doing it. I'm interested why they irritate you. I have a couple clanmates who feel like things and I wish to attempt to comprehend their point of view.

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