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Today, I think that Rice Whitener(LIANGGONG) equipment is believed to have been used by many people. I wonder if you have been disinfecting during the use of rice whitener equipment? The disinfection mentioned here is one of the maintenance work of the equipment. I believe many people have not paid attention to this process. In order to ensure that the rice processed by the rice whitener equipment has a long shelf life, the equipment must be disinfected. Next, please take a look at the introduction of the following article.

Rice whitener equipment as a food machine mainly used to process rice, the economic value of rice is obvious. The better the quality of the equipment, the higher the economic value of rice will be. The cleaning of the equipment will have a great impact on the processing quality. If the cleaning of the equipment cannot be guaranteed, the quality of the product will be lost.

Rice whitener equipment increases the economic value of rice, makes the edible value of rice better, and thus increases the price of rice. When using high-quality equipment for processing, the utilization rate is also very high, and excellent utilization rate will also be Reducing the loss of economic value; for some that cannot be directly used, it can also be used with a lot of equipment after processing.

The content of the article is over here. Have you mastered the disinfection methods mentioned by the rice processing equipment manufacturers? Master some basic disinfection and maintenance methods to use it safely and efficiently.

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Rice Whitener(LIANGGONG) equipment is a common food processing equipment. We can often see them in various food processing factories. It can be seen that its processing effect is very good, but because it is used more frequently, Its wear should be relatively serious, which means that we need to lubricate it frequently. Let's take a look at it.

Because of its simple structure, small size, small footprint, easy operation, movement and maintenance, rice whitener equipment is considered to be a big star in rice processing equipment series. It is not too small in rural and urban small rice processing factories. Because it is simple and easy to use, it is very suitable for rural small-scale agricultural products processing venture investment.

Regular maintenance of rice whitener equipment: The power supply is also a part that requires frequent maintenance. It is also very important to carry out proper maintenance and maintenance work on the power supply. Regular sterilization work is an important part of the cleaning work of rice whitener equipment. Regular sterilization is very important for machinery. Only the regular sterilization of the machine can make the processing quality of the equipment more secure.

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The Rice Whitener(LIANGGONG) complete sets of equipment we use every day are mainly composed of fixed wrenches, tightened nut wrenches, brush brushes, lower hoppers, wire brushes, etc. In the long-term operation of the equipment, it is inevitable that there will be multiple work loads. The problem, which in turn leads to the equipment not working properly, but in order to increase the equipment capacity, the user must ensure that the equipment is in normal operation, that is to say, the user should use the rice whitener machine complete equipment and the operation methods and precautions.

The bearing of the rice whitener complete equipment only bears radial force, and the bearing stress generated by the unbalanced force and the torque of the whole machine are small. The horizontally mounted white roller has low requirements on manufacturing and assembly; the technical requirements of the corresponding structural components are general; the volume and weight of the unit output are small. Due to the large axial driving force and the large flow rate of the rice grain, the diameter of the whitening roller and the annular area of ??the whitening chamber are smaller, and the volume of the whole machine is smaller and the weight is the same as that of the vertical rice milling machine. Lighter, combined with lower manufacturing technology requirements and lower cost.

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For Rice Polisher(LIANGGONG) equipment, it is actually a very strong equipment with high flexibility and flexibility, which can effectively guarantee the requirements of processing materials, from raw grain cleaning, stone removal, multi-stage shelling, multi-stage grinding and polishing. To the millet grading bagging and distribution, all of them realize automatic and continuous operation, the process is smooth, and the operation and maintenance are convenient. In order to let everyone better understand the rice polisher equipment, let's introduce the system to you.

Performance advantages of rice polisher equipment:

1. The higher the production efficiency, the better. The rice polisher equipment has high flexibility and flexibility. It can effectively guarantee the standardization and standardization according to the requirements of the materials to be processed, and meet the requirements of product quality.

2. The faults that occur during the production process of rice polisher equipment should be quickly eliminated, and the equipment has an automatic identification function.

3. The packaging process of rice polisher equipment should realize green packaging to ensure the safety and hygiene of raw material production and production process. Realizing the automation of rice polisher equipment, especially the realization of highly flexible automatic packaging lines, not only reflects the development direction of modern production, but also enables enterprises to obtain huge economic benefits.

4. Advanced technology, rice processing equipment uses a new process of first shelling and light grinding, completely solved the problem of hard milling with shells in the traditional process, easy to crush and uneven milling.

5. Advanced equipment, the complete set of equipment is equipped with our company's efficient cleaning equipment, high-efficiency shelling equipment, new grinding equipment and our company's self-developed millet efficient grading equipment, these new technologies and equipment applications, so that the equipment has a meter The rate is high, the broken rice rate is low and the finished rice is bright and bright.

6. The process is perfect, rice polisher equipment from the original grain cleaning, stone removal, multi-stage shelling, multi-stage grinding and polishing, to millet grading bagging, distribution and all of the automatic continuous operation, smooth process, convenient operation and maintenance.

7. Low energy consumption, rice polisher equipment avoids the traditional high-energy equipment, all adopt new energy-saving equipment, the unit energy consumption is very small.

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The safety inspection contents of the Rice Whitener(LIANGGONG) machine include: whether there is a reliable protective device in the dangerous part, whether the dangerous part has the safety warning sign in accordance with the national standard GB10396, and whether the instruction manual has detailed safety precautions to prompt the user to use the machine safely.

The adjustment found that there are more safety hazards in the use of rice whitener machines. In the 30 surveyed users, there are 28 households with product safety protection problems. Among them, there are 7 households with no protective devices installed at the time of shipment. There are 21 households that have been removed from the protective devices during use, accounting for the total number of surveys. There were 23.3% and 70% no safety signs or safety signs in the rice whitener machine, and there were 29 users who did not have a safety warning function, accounting for 96.7% of the total number of investigations.

When the rice whitener machine is working, the rotation speed can reach more than 1000r/min. Therefore, reliable safety protection devices and eye-catching safety warning signs are essential. In the investigation, it was learned that most rice rice whitener machines are equipped with safety protection devices and safety signs when they leave the factory. However, because the quality of safety signs is not good, many safety signs fade, blur or even fall off during use, and they do not play a safety warning role. The user's use process is dedicated to the maintenance and often the safety protection device is removed. These are the main reasons for the safety hazards in rice whitener machines.

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Selecting a reasonable rotation speed to obtain a suitable polishing roller line speed is very important for reducing the broken rice rate and improving the polishing brightness of the rice. Generally, the line speed of the polishing roller should be 6-7 m/s. 3.3 The amount of water in the polishing chamber is polished at a certain ratio during polishing. Evenly spraying the water to wet the surface of the rice, which is beneficial to the separation of the surface of the rice grain, and at the same time, the starch is gelatinized to form a gel layer under the frictional temperature generated by the polishing pressure and the polishing process, thereby To achieve the purpose of improving the brightness of rice. However, if the amount of water is too large, the rice grains will flow abnormally, causing the pressure inside the Rice Polisher(LIANGGONG) machine to be too large, which will increase the crushing, and even lead to “boring car”. Therefore, in the use of the rice polisher machine, the water quantity should be controlled first, and the water quantity control is generally At around 0.5%.

The polishing pressure is established by the speed and impact force of the rice grains in the polishing chamber. The factors affecting the whitening pressure are various, but the polishing pressure can be adjusted and controlled by the pressure gate at the exit of the polishing chamber. The polishing pressure is large, the collision movement is severe, and the grinding is more broken after polishing; the polishing pressure is small, the collision movement is moderated, and the grinding is less after grinding. Therefore, a small polishing pressure should be used for polishing, but the polishing pressure is too small, which may affect the process. effect. The general polishing pressure is about 400-700 g/cm. 2.2.3 Line speed The polishing roll line speed is the main factor determining the speed and impact force of the rice grains. The line speed is low, the speed of the rice leaves off the iron roll is low, the collision movement is moderated, and the grinding is less after grinding, but the rotation speed is too low, and when the rice grain is not enough, the rice grain is partially crushed too much, and the over-grinding phenomenon occurs. Reducing the rice yield will also cause the rice to be partially ground insufficiently, unevenly polished; the line speed is high, the speed and collision force of the rice grains are large, the chance of rolling the rice grains is increased, and the polishing is uniform, but when the rice grains are over-rolled, the ends of the rice grains will be made. Being crushed and the broken rice increases will also lower the rice yield.

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In the process of rice whitening, attention should be paid to the two main adjustments to the Rice Whitener(LIANGGONG) machine: one is the adjustment of the rice knife. Mainly to adjust the white gap between the rice knife and the drum. If the gap is large, the whitening chamber pressure is small, the white friction of the rice in the rice whitener machine is weak, the rice cannot be refined, the rice is not white, but the rice yield is high. The gap between the knife rolls should not be smaller than the transverse diameter of the rice. Otherwise, the rice is easily broken and the gap should not be larger than the longitudinal diameter of the rice, otherwise the rice is rough. Therefore, the gap between the rice and the knife should be chosen between the vertical and horizontal diameters of the rice. Practice has shown that the gap of the rice knife should be slightly inclined, that is, slightly larger near the end of the exit gate, in order to make the polished rice more complete. Adjustment of the export knife. When the imported knives are opened, the outlet knives are opened smaller, the more particles in the whitening room, the greater the pressure, the whiter the rice, but the more pure rice; otherwise, if the imported knives are opened smaller, the exit The bigger the knife is opened, the less the rice is stored in the whitening room, the pressure is reduced, and the rice is rougher. According to the difference between the above-mentioned rice knife and the pressure and friction of the whitening chamber, the high quality rice can be adjusted and operated as follows.

In the rice whitener machine manufacturing process, there are many parts, such as other mechanical equipment, composed of multiple parts. Since the development of the domestic steel industry is relatively stable, the steel mill will not be lost in the production process, and it can be supplied in time. If the product is used for a long time, it will affect the whiteness of the rice, and it can be adjusted to the grinding wheel and br built-in steel bran. This sample is the best, the rice produced is good, and the equipment is also professionally produced.

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The white single-roll water Rice Polisher(LIANGGONG) machine is novel in design, beautiful in appearance, adopts advanced foreign technology, and automatically adds water thermostat. The surface of the polished rice after polishing is smooth and translucent, which can greatly improve the commodity value of rice. The polished rice has high precision and less broken rice. The indicators have reached the international advanced level and are the upgraded products of modern rice processing. It can be used separately for process matching and deep processing of rice.

White single-roll water rice polisher machine features

1. The automatic watering thermostat and multi-position spray device polished the surface of the rice to be smooth and translucent. Greatly increased the value of rice products.

2. The design is novel, the shape is beautiful, the operation is convenient, and the mechanical performance is stable and reliable.

3. For the shape, length, moisture, quality of rice, stable different polishing schemes, improve the professional performance of the polishing machine.

4. Increase the commercial value of rice and extend the shelf life of rice.

5. Built-in single-roll polishing machine has the characteristics of small footprint and convenient installation and operation.

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Analyze the working principle of Rice Whitener(LIANGGONG)

After entering the pulverizing chamber through the flow regulating mechanism, the brown rice is sent to the sanding roller by the screw head and spirally advanced along the surface of the sanding roller. The sharp sand blade on the surface of the corundum sanding roller is rotated at a certain line speed to grind the brown rice cortex. The rice grains and the rice grains, the rice grains and the rice sieves are rubbed against each other to make them rough and white, and at the same time, the sputum powder is forced out of the rice grains by the air blowing action, and the sieve holes are discharged.

Rice whitener structure

The rice whitener machine is mainly composed of a feeding device, a whitening chamber, a discharging device, a transmission device, a spray system and the like.

The gap between the rice knife and the drum should be moderate, and the gap should not be smaller than the transverse diameter of the rice. Otherwise, the rice grains are easily broken; the gap cannot be larger than the longitudinal diameter of the rice grains, otherwise the rice grains are rough. Therefore, the rice knife gap should be selected between the longitudinal and transverse diameters of the rice grain; practice has shown that the rice knife gap should have a slight angle, that is, a little larger near the end of the exit knife, so that the milled rice is more complete.

The inlet and outlet knives should be well matched. When the imported knives are wide open and the exit knives are closed, the grain in the whitening room increases, the pressure increases, and the beige is white, but the broken rice is more; on the contrary, if the imported knives are closed, the exit knives are opened. The whitening room has less rice, the pressure is lower, and the milled rice is rougher.

Generally, the opening degree of the imported knife can be controlled to 1/2 of the entire opening degree, and the maximum is not more than 2/3. Some old operators remove the imported knives and let the imports be open. Generally, do not do this. Because all the grains are too much after opening, the pressure in the whitening chamber is too large, and the rotation resistance is large. If the outlet knife does not fit well at the moment, the belt will slip, and even the machine will be stuck or damaged. The exit knife should be flexibly mastered. In operation, the meter knife gap and the opening degree of the inlet knife can be fixed after being adjusted according to the regulations. As long as the operator operates the exit knife with his right hand, the left hand extends out of the palm and connects the rice at the lower end of the outlet to see if the rice is whole and the beige is white. If there are many broken rice, you can open a large exit knife; if the rice is rough, you can close the small exit knife. Take care of both, until the quality of the rice mill meets the requirements.

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Rural for Rice Whitener(LIANGGONG) machine need to apply for a business license.

1. Documents and certificates to be submitted for the registration of individual industrial and commercial households:

(1) The application for individual business registration signed by the applicant (fill in the self-employed application opening registration form);

(2) Proof of the employees (the local government personnel must submit the household registration certificate, including the household registration booklet and ID card, as well as the relevant certificates of various unemployed persons such as retired; other provinces and municipalities must submit their ID cards and local Temporary residence permit, women of childbearing age must also submit proof of family planning;

(3) Certificate of business premises;

(4) Proof of the relationship between family-run family members;

(5) Name pre-approval notice;

(6) Relevant special certificates that should be submitted in accordance with regulations, rules and policies.

2. If you operate pre-projects such as pesticides, food, hazardous chemicals, catering, special breeding, cigarettes, etc., you must first register the name and then apply for these pre-licensing licenses, and then copy the pre-license (you need to check the original). Handling business licenses; Large-scale business premises, such as shopping malls and hotels, should also submit fire-fighting opinions; personnel outside the county (district) should also submit a floating population plan.

Note: The business license can be handled by the local management department. Due to the different conditions in different places, the specific regulations are subject to local regulations.

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