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With the development of China's economy, the new rural construction speeds up the pace of rural road lighting projects is an integrated Solar led street light(CLASSIC), which is also the focus of each new rural construction. The emergence of new rural integrated solar LED street lights is to solve the rural environment and limit the traditional streets. The predicament of installation, integrated solar LED street lights played a "star" role in the construction of new countryside.

Solar energy is clean, pollution-free and renewable green energy. Utilizing solar energy, unparalleled cleanliness, high safety, relatively broad and abundant energy, long life and maintenance-free other conventional energy sources, photovoltaic energy is considered to be the most important new energy source in the 21st century.

Solar LED street lamps use high-efficiency solar panels, high-efficiency LED lamps, intelligent controllers, anti-theft mounting brackets, etc., which are concentrated in one of the solar street lamps. Therefore, the integrated installation of solar street lamps is simple and light, and generally two workers do not use heavy In the case of equipment and tools, simply complete the installation in 5 minutes with a wrench.

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The Solar led street light(CLASSIC) is energy. During the day, the solar panel charges the battery, and the night battery supplies power to the light source. No complicated and expensive pipeline laying is required, and the layout of the light can be arbitrarily adjusted, safe and pollution-free, safe and pollution-free, and the solar LED street light does not need manual operation. Stable and reliable, saving electricity and electricity.

Energy saving: Solar photovoltaic conversion provides electricity, which is inexhaustible. Environmental protection: no pollution, no noise, no radiation.

Safety: No electric shock, fire, etc. Convenience: Easy to install, no need for shelves or “cut belly” to dig the ground construction, no worry about power outages.

Long life: high technical content, control system, accessories are international brands, intelligent design, reliable quality.

High-end: technology products, green energy, solar LED street light use units attach importance to technology, green image enhancement, grade improvement.

Reduce investment: one-time investment and exchange equivalent (electric power conversion, electricity, control box, cable, engineering, etc.), investment, long-term benefits.

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Solar led street light(CLASSIC) is not as bright as people think. In contrast, solar LED street light often have a high probability of common street light failure. As the fourth generation of new light sources, LED lighting has been effectively applied in the fields of urban, road lighting, courtyard lighting, indoor lighting, etc. Especially in remote areas, solar LED street light to have broad application prospects.

Advantages of solar LED street light

1, energy saving, it uses a natural light source, no need to consume electricity, inexhaustible, inexhaustible;

2, environmental protection, the use of LED lights that meet the requirements of green environmental protection, no pollution, no radiation, protect the ecology;

3, safety, LED solar street light Because the product does not use AC power, LED solar street light absorbs the illumination required for light energy conversion through the solar panel;

4, high technical content, the core device of the product is intelligent constant current controller, which can be automatically adjusted according to the brightness and the need of intelligent switch;

5. Long service life, free wiring, LED solar street light installation cost is low, easy to maintain.

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This is a key factor in the Led street lights Manufacturers(CLASSIC) solution to thermal issues, as it is primarily concerned with the longevity and operational performance of high-power LED products, especially LED street lights. This must be taken into account when addressing the wide range of thermal issues. The current approach is a major problem with expanding the area of ??a heat sink or similar device, while it is quite complex and inefficient.

Graphene is widely considered to be the top heat sink material. Graphene materials have better electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, and stability. Therefore, it has a wide range of applications in the electrical, communications, lighting and aerospace industries. In fact, it has bright prospects for LED street lights manufacturers. With this new material, the luminaire can be easily replaced without replacing the outer casing, and the efficiency is improved.

The most important material for graphene applications is thermal paste. How to add graphene in conductive paste to the glue to maximize its thermal conductivity is the most difficult point.

The bright spot of graphene is to maximize energy savings. The key to improving luminous efficiency is to cool the lamp. Due to the high thermal conductivity of graphene, it can reduce the heat dissipation area without sacrificing its performance. LED products can save about 20% to 30% of energy. Therefore, it emits brighter light with the same power consumption.

In addition, it can reduce the heat dissipation area and beautify its appearance to beautify its appearance. As a result, LED street lights manufacturers can spend more on design and other aspects.

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Many people don't know why they want to choose led street lights. What is the difference between led street lights and ordinary street lights? Let's take a look at how Led street lights Manufacturers(CLASSIC) explain this.

Conventional ordinary street lamps generally use high-pressure sodium lamps, which have low overall light efficiency and 360° illumination, which not only causes a large energy waste but also generates large heat and short life.

LED street lights are street lamps that use semiconductor light-emitting diodes as a light source, and LED street lamps are efficient and energy-saving and have ultra-low power consumption. White LEDs consume only 1/10 of the energy of incandescent lamps and 1/4 of energy-saving lamps. 100w led street light is equivalent to the effect of 400w energy-saving lamps.

The luminous flux loss of the LED street light source is very small. Unlike traditional light sources, LED street lights are half-space light sources. A high-pressure sodium lamp is a source of light that illuminates in a complete space. It is necessary to redirect half the space of the emitted light to the reflector in the other half of the space for reflection, and inevitably absorb the light and block the light source itself. The use of LED lamps as a light source does not have such a loss, the utilization of light is higher than that of high-voltage nano lamps, and the service life is longer; the light source of the LED lamp does not contain harmful metal mercury and is harmless to the environment.

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Here are some suggestions for you to choose a Solar led street light(CLASSIC) to help you understand these tips and choose solar LED street light that is more suitable for you.

1. Visit the factory

If possible, please visit the solar LED street light factory so that you can see the actual production process; and see if there is a standardized production management system. You can also get more detailed information about supplier strengths and principles through face-to-face communication.

2. Test sample

By testing the samples, you will understand the differences in quality, stability, brightness, and more.

3. Review the warranty policy carefully

If the company believes in the quality of its products, they can provide better warranty terms. At the same time, they will pay more attention to quality control in the production process.

4. To a certain extent, the reliability of solar LED street lights can be judged by checking the installation of other customers.

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Some customers ask why our integrated Solar led street light(CLASSIC) is more expensive than some other companies. My answer is that you get what you pay for, quality, service, and warranty may vary. One of the factors is the battery used to integrate solar LED street lights. We use high-quality lithium iron phosphate (lithium iron phosphate = LiFePO4) batteries as integrated solar street lights, and some companies use ternary batteries to save costs. Here let us compare the two batteries by the following four aspects:


LiFePO4 battery:

When the temperature is higher than 480 ° C, it will be decomposed (tested by fire, acupuncture and other very strict test methods).

Ternary battery:

Its material, nickel-cobalt-aluminum (NCM), decomposes and releases at 180 ° C, making the reaction more powerful.

It is obvious that the lithium iron phosphate battery is more stable. Therefore, if stability is considered, it is best to choose LiFePO4 battery as our integrated solar LED street light.

2. Charge and discharge cycle

LiFePO4 battery:

It has more than 2000 charge-discharge cycles (1 cycle = 1 time 100% charge and 1 time 100% discharge) and maintains a nominal capacity of up to 88% after 2000 deep cycles.

Ternary battery:

It only needs to cycle 800 times. After 800 times, the actual capacity has been less than 80% of the rated capacity.

Therefore, the lithium iron phosphate battery has a longer service life.

3. Safety at high temperatures

LiFePO4 battery:

It has very good performance when the temperature is very high (60-70 ° C). It is very stable even in high temperature environments.

Ternary battery:

It does not work well at very high temperatures.

Since it is made of unstable nickel, cobalt, aluminum, it has poor stability at high temperatures, and a high pH makes it easy to generate monomer flatulence and cause danger.

As far as we know, for integrated solar LED streetlights, all components, including batteries, are placed in a box, and the temperature inside the box becomes high during daytime solar panel charging. If you use a ternary battery as an integrated solar street light, it may cause fire or even explosion.

Therefore, for integrated solar street lights, it is best to have a built-in lithium iron phosphate battery.

4. Cost

The ternary battery is versatile, so the manufacturing cost is low, and the production cost of the lithium iron phosphate battery is higher. Therefore, if the factory uses a ternary battery as an integrated solar LED street light, the cost will be reduced.

However, considering the discharge cycle, the LiFePO4 battery has a better cost performance.

Based on the above comparison, we know that LiFePO4 batteries have better performance in terms of stability, charge and discharge cycle, safety and value for money.

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There are many changes in Solar led street light(CLASSIC) systems, making it difficult to compare them to each other. Each manufacturer has its own design parameters and understanding these differences will allow you to make a definitive decision as your system meets your design needs.

Solar assembly

The size of each solar module is specific to the luminaire it is supplying. The dimensions of the solar modules are either determined by the end user according to design requirements or by a technician using the basic formulation of all systems. This separates one manufacturer from the next. Systems that provide integrated solar modules into an "integrated" solution have set the solar energy to provide an amount of charge, regardless of where the solar light is located. Other manufacturers take into account the local conditions of the project and use these numbers to determine the solar energy needed to fully power the luminaire.

Battery storage component

The solar panel charges the battery during the day and the battery powers the luminaire at night. It's very simple, but if the size of the battery is only for the storage of the operating luminaires at night, the maintenance plan will be very different from the system that provides the least autonomy. The differences between manufacturers are also great. Depending on the end user's expectations for maintenance and the useful life of the system, it will help determine the best user for the end user.

Control electronics

Different control options are always available. There are many adaptive lighting controllers on the market that are used by all different manufacturers. Some people allow the system to operate as a lighting controller. As the brain of the system, the lamp should be dimmed and turned off due to the battery discharge rate. Some manufacturers can provide strict dusk to dawn illumination without dimming or adaptive control. This is always done by the system design engineer and should always be visible in the system specifications. You definitely don't want to be forgotten in the dark when you don't expect it.


In the past 10 years, solar luminaires have made great strides in the integration of LED luminaires. In the past few years, LEDs have even increased dramatically, and lumen output and life have changed a lot. Observing the lumen output, power and life of the luminaire, you can best determine the luminaire's light output and the life of the luminaire. Today's 100k hours is standard, but it's also steadily increasing, and the lumen output of each LED is higher, so you can get the same amount of light as a lower wattage.

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Parks and playgrounds are great places to meet friends and family. From playing in the playground to running around in the fields, walking on the trails, relaxing in nature, there is a lot to do in the park. Most parks are closed near dusk, but some people prefer to open later. Appropriate lighting should always be installed in the park, however, there is not always electricity. This is where Solar led street light(CLASSIC) come into play.

Solar led street light can facilitate the park. They can light signs, kiosks, trails, pavilions, parking lots and more. Because the solar led street light is independent of the grid, it can be easily installed anywhere in the park and provides the lights needed for the application.

Timing is the key to determining how long a lamp needs to run. If the park is closed at dusk, light up one or two hours after dusk to ensure that anyone still working can see it. If the park is open later, solar led street light can provide extra security for those who visit the park after dark. Lighting can also provide additional security for park personnel who need to protect the area at night.

If the park is open early in the morning and before dawn, solar led street light can also be programmed to come back an hour or two before the sun rises. In this way, those who try to enter the early morning jog can see where they are going and provide additional security because their visibility will increase.

Regardless of the application, solar led street light can help solve any lighting problem in the park. Working directly with your local lighting designer or solar lighting company will help you determine the best solution to your problem.

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In order to speed up the replacement of clean energy and serve the construction of the ecological world, the torch actively promotes the research, development, and application of integrated solar street lamps actively carries out the installation of Solar led street light(CLASSIC) and installs solar integrated street lights in suitable places in the world.

Solar led street lights are installed in place (with enough sunlight). Therefore, the beautiful solar led street light is equipped with black polycrystalline solar panels, blue shades, and white poles to form a beautiful landscape.

Solar led street light is a street light that uses solar energy as an energy source to provide night road lighting. Its light pole and battery pack are integrated and designed to withstand wind. In addition, it adopts high-efficiency LED light source design, which has the advantages of high brightness, convenient installation, stable and reliable operation, no cable installation, no conventional energy consumption, and long service life.

In addition, the integrated solar street light can also make full use of green clean energy. Its energy storage battery can also automatically supply LED lights. Even on rainy days, it can be continuously illuminated for 3 days, which is energy-saving and safe.

So let us summarize the advantages of solar led street lights.

Energy saving: providing electricity through solar photovoltaic conversion, inexhaustible, inexhaustible;

Environmental protection: no pollution, no noise, no radiation;

Safety: no accidents such as electric shock or fire;

Convenient: easy to install, no wiring or excavation construction, no power outages, and power shortages;

Long life: high technology content, control systems, and accessories are brand-name, intelligent design, reliable quality;

Less investment: One-time investment is equivalent to exchange investment (electricity, electricity, control box, cable, project transformation, AC investment), long-term use;

A wide range of applications: Solar energy comes from nature, so it can be used in any sunny place, especially for green landscape lighting, high-end residential and outdoor lighting, coastal landscape lighting and tourist attractions.

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