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The jaw crusher is the first choice for the crushing of ore in the gravel production line. In the gravel production line, the jaw crusher is generally used for coarse crushing of ore. Compared with the general ore crusher, the jaw crusher can be broken. The ore is relatively hard and has a relatively large feed. Due to the harsh environment of the jaw crusher during use, the crusher manufacturer reminds the users to pay attention to it, and it is necessary to pay attention to the dust pollution problem of the jaw crusher.

In order to reduce the dust caused by air leakage from the crusher casing, in actual production, when the material is dry, water is often poured at the inlet of the crusher. In fact, this situation is wrong, which will aggravate the bag filter of the jaw crusher. The filter bag and the feeder are clogged.

During the falling process of the ore and other materials on the belt conveyor, the air enters the sealed dust hood together with the material, and the dust-containing gas diffuses outside the cover through the gaps and holes in the cover wall. In addition, due to the improper setting of the dust removal point at the corner of the belt conveyor The dust collector has almost no effect on the dust of the lower belt conveyor regardless of the opening and closing. Since the operation of the jaw crusher, the dust collector has not been operated, and the lower belt conveyor has been in the process of dust pollution.

When the crushing material of the crusher machine has a large humidity, the elbow portion is easily worn by the dust and the dust particles that are blocked into the dust collector are thicker than the broken dry material, and the bag type dust remover is easy to paste the bag, and the feeder is easy to block. As a result, the ventilation resistance of the bag filter is greatly increased, and the ventilation capacity is lowered, resulting in wear of the jaw crusher.

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The European version of jaw crusher is often used for primary crushing or secondary crushing in mine material crushing. The European version of jaw crusher adopts the most advanced crushing technology and manufacturing level in the world. It is the first high-efficiency product for crushing hard and strong abrasive materials. It is developed for stone crushing of highways, railways and airport runways. Advanced equipment. Most of the stone used for highways, railways, airport runways and other projects are mainly hard rock such as basalt. The specifications are about 3-7 cm, and the hardness of the broken materials is relatively large. Generally, the jaw crusher has low yield and is easy to wear. Compared with the traditional two-stage jaw crusher, the European version of the jaw crusher shows its unparalleled superiority in terms of service life, maintenance rate and failure rate, and it is compared with the matching cone-breaking and stone shaping machine. Said that the cost is still low.

The European version of the jaw crusher mainly includes a machine base, a fixed cymbal, a movable cymbal and an eccentric shaft. The fixed cymbal plate is fixed on the fixed cymbal, and the movable dent plate is fixed on the movable cymbal through the connecting bolt, and the movable and fixed spur plates are fixed. There are side guard plates on both sides, the upper end of the movable jaw is set on the eccentric shaft, and the bearing chamber is arranged between the movable jaw and the eccentric shaft, and the top end of the movable jaw plate is about 80-250 mm higher than the fixed jaw plate. The structure is simple and reasonable, and the high dynamic tooth plate has a good protection effect on the moving jaw and the bearing chamber, and ensures the unloading of the material, avoids the phenomenon of plugging the card machine, is safe and reliable, and the utility model also simplifies the dynamic operation. Production, dynamic bearing chamber sealability, good running performance, no oil leakage, improve the use of the whole machine, low noise, stable operation, energy saving and energy saving effect, conducive to popularization and application, widely used in mining, building materials, silicic acid Salt, metallurgy, road construction, chemical industry raw materials, etc., especially suitable for the crushing of medium hardness materials, such as rock, ore, clinker of cement plant.

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Jaw Crusher is the basic crushing equipment in the mining equipment produced by Zhengzhou crusher manufacturers. It is also the mainstream sand making equipment with the largest sales volume and the highest production efficiency in the mining equipment industry.

The jaw plate of the Jaw crusher is a part that is in direct contact with the material. The wear is the fastest, and the service life is also short. It is usually 1~3 months, and some even need to be replaced only 1~2 weeks. Therefore, the user needs to be proficient in the repair method of the jaw crusher jaw plate to extend the service life of the jaw crusher and reduce the investment cost. Let the technical staff of the crusher manufacturer explain the specific repair method.

Zhengzhou crusher manufacturer tells you about the repair method of the Jaw crusher jaw plate

1. Lead-containing surface of the welded part is ground with a grinding wheel by 2~3mm.

2. When welding, try to avoid the parent body being heated too much, and hammering the welding after welding to eliminate the internal stress of the welding.

3. The order of surfacing is to first weld one layer on all the teeth on the tooth plate, and then weld the second layer, instead of welding all the surfacing layers of one tooth first, then welding one tooth. Avoid welding deformation of the mother body that is too hot or too large. The speed of surfacing should be fast, the lateral oscillation should be small, try to use small-diameter welding rod and small welding current, and the cooling speed after welding should be fast. When conditions are met, the high-manganese steel casting can be placed in water, and only the surfacing part is exposed. If conditions permit, it is best to carry out quenching heat treatment after welding.

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The following items should be noted when installing the Jaw crusher: (1) Since the jaw crusher has a large vibration during operation, the machine should be installed on the concrete foundation to reduce vibration, noise and influence on the foundation of nearby buildings and structures. A hardwood mat, rubber band or other shock absorbing material is placed between the crusher and the concrete foundation. Therefore its installation has a lot to do with the crusher. The crusher is a kind of gravel equipment mainly composed of a feeding hopper, a distributor, a vortex breaking chamber, an impeller, a main shaft, a base, a transmission device and a bracket. During the installation, the crusher should be leveled so that its main axis is perpendicular to the horizontal plane. Appropriate space should be left above and on both sides of the crusher for hoisting and maintenance. Stone Jaw crusher crushing equipment installation and commissioning attention to problems Stone crushing equipment installation and commissioning attention. (2) The basic drainage tank shall be laid with a layer of metal plate and have sufficient inclination angle (depending on the fluidity of the material to be determined by the cement mill, not less than 50 & deg;), so as not to hinder the smooth discharge of the broken product. The location of the stone crushing equipment installation will vary depending on the location of the crushing site. When adjusting, loosen the T-row bolt and tension spring. (3) The size of the discharge opening should be adjusted according to the required product size. Thereafter, adjust the spring preload to ensure that the thrust plate is in close contact with the thrust plate pad when the machine is in operation. Use the top bolt to open the adjusting seat, insert or withdraw the gasket of the corresponding thickness, and then return the lifting bolt. Adjust the entire production line of the cement production line under the action of the weight of the moving body, and close it to the ear seat of the rack. The film sets are pressed together.
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The core of the jaw crusher internal structure production, Shanghai SBM heavy industry jaw crusher equipment rotor is mainly composed of moving parts, eccentric shaft, bearings, pulleys and other parts, is the main part of the transmission and bearing torque, The truss bracket and the movable raft are composed of parts, and the movable bracket is made of 35# cast steel and is subjected to quenching and tempering treatment. The bearing adopts double row radial spherical roller bearing, and has the characteristics of fine adjustment, large force and durability. The eccentric shaft is made of 45# steel and is tempered. The raft is divided into two kinds of activities and fixed. In order to improve the crushing effect, the surface adopts optimized tooth shape, and the material adopts ZGMN13, which has the characteristics of high hardness, wear resistance and good use effect.The main component of the fixed body is the jaw crusher. There are two manufacturing processes: medium carbon steel casting frame and medium carbon steel plate welding frame. The welding frame is based on the original casting frame and adds a number of strong ribs, and through the strict quality control and specific process requirements, the same effect as the casting frame is achieved. In order to prevent serious wear on the side walls of the frame, guard plates are installed on the left and right side walls of the crusher machine, and can be replaced at will. In addition to transmitting force, the safety device brackets play an important role in insurance, that is, when non-crushed objects enter the crushing chamber, the brackets can be broken or bent first to protect other parts of the machine. The adjusting device is used to adjust the size of the discharge opening and control the discharge granularity. There are two types of crushing equipment adjustment mechanism: lifting block type and ejector gasket type, which is convenient and flexible to adjust and can realize stepless adjustment. Customers can also visit our Shanghai SBM Heavy Industry Entity to learn more about the crusher production process!

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The jaw crusher has always been at the forefront of the stone production line as a “rushing warrior” in the stone breaker. However, when the jaw crusher fails, it will seriously affect the operation of the entire production line, thus making the production efficiency change. low. Of course, if you do it in a timely manner and it will not cause too much damage, then will you solve these problems of the jaw crusher?What should I do when the jaw crusher bearing temperature is too high? First of all, we should first analyze the cause of the problem, and then prescribe the right medicine. When the bearing temperature is too high, it is nothing more than a large amount of heat generated by friction. At this time, it is necessary to add lubricating oil in time to reduce the friction of the bearing. Of course, if we observe that the bearing wear is serious, we must directly replace the bearing.Jaw crusher is not uniform? At this time, we have to check whether the sieve is intact and the wear of the hammer. The cause of this phenomenon is basically the two reasons of excessive wear of the hammer and the breakage of the sieve. After finding the specific reason, it is solved accordingly.Jaw crusher production is less? At this time, we should observe the feeding condition, see if the feeding is uniform, and whether the discharge port is blocked. Uniform feeding and timely cleaning of the blocked discharge port can effectively prevent the phenomenon of low output.Does the Crusher Machine have abnormal sound during operation? At this time, we should stop and observe whether there are loose parts inside the machine. If it is loose, it should be reinforced. Usually, it should also be developed before the start-up inspection, so that there will be no problems and then stop processing, affecting production.In short, when there is a problem with the jaw crusher, we should promptly deal with it, usually pay attention to correct the wrong operation method, learn the relevant maintenance knowledge, and do regular inspection and maintenance of the jaw crusher, so that we believe that the jaw crusher The problems that occur with the machine will also decrease, and your ability to solve problems will be greatly improved.

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The jaw crusher consists of two jaws, which are composed of moving jaws and static jaws, which simulate the two movements of the animal. The two jaws are used for the extrusion and bending of the material, and the crushing machinery for coarse or medium crushing of various hardness materials. . It is widely used in the crushing of various ores and bulk materials in industries such as mining, building materials, roads, railways, water conservancy and chemical industry. Jaw crusher is the primary crushing equipment often used in mine crushing. The first step of almost all kinds of mineral processing is to use a Jaw Crusher for crushing. This article will take a look at the performance advantages of the Jaw Crusher you know.1. Wide application rangeFrom the perspective of the applicable industry, the jaw crusher has a wide range of applications in the field of mine crushing, and plays an important role in the building materials, road, railway, water conservancy and chemical industries. From the point of view of applicable materials, crushing of large stones such as granite, basalt, shale, limestone, pebbles, concrete, etc. can be carried out using a jaw crusher, and the crushed material has a high compressive strength of 320 MPa.2, the crushing ratio is large, high efficiencyAs we all know, jaw crusher is generally used as primary crushing. This is because the equipment has a large crushing ratio, which can complete the crushing of large stones. The crushing ratio is measured and evaluated in terms of quantity and crushing effect. The degree represents the pros and cons of its performance. In general, crushing is more efficient than smashing. Therefore, to identify the working efficiency of the jaw crusher, the size of the crushing ratio under the same energy consumption must be considered. The jaw crusher produced by Shanghai SBM can fully meet the user's crushing requirements, and has the advantages of large crushing ratio and high production efficiency.3, the structure is simple, flexible applicationThe main components of jaw crusher include frame, eccentric shaft, large pulley, flywheel, moving jaw, side guard, bracket, bracket rear seat, gap screw, return spring, fixed jaw and movable jaw. . The main working parts are the movable jaw and the static slab. During operation, the movable slab periodically reciprocates against the fixed slab, sometimes separated and sometimes close. When separated, the material enters the crushing chamber, and the finished product is discharged from the lower portion; when it is close, the material between the two jaws is crushed by bending, bending and splitting. The structure is simple and the operation is convenient. At the same time, the Jaw Crusher can be used in fixed production or in combination with mobile devices to form a mobile crushing station, which is convenient for working in a site with poor traffic conditions and poor production environment.4, energy savingThe jaw crusher has a deep crushing chamber and no dead zone, which improves the feeding capacity and output, and has high working efficiency. The lubrication system is safe and reliable, the parts are easy to replace, the maintenance workload is small, and a large amount of maintenance and repair costs are saved. The structure is simple, the work is reliable, and the operating cost is low. Equipment energy saving: single machine energy saving 15% to 30%, system energy saving more than double. On the whole, the jaw crusher has done a good job in energy saving and consumption reduction, which can greatly reduce the production investment cost of users and create higher economic benefits.

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The jaw crusher is a widely used stone rough breaking device on the market. Which parts should the customer choose when purchasing the equipment? First, we must look at the quality of the equipment itself, and then the production efficiency of the equipment work, as well as the inspection of each component of the equipment.

Seeing the quality of the Jaw Crusher depends on the quality of the finished product of the rock crusher, and the quality of the finished stone crusher is the discharge port of the rock crusher and the rock crusher. The crushing capacity of the seesaw is closely related; the next step depends on the production efficiency, which is the output value per unit time. The rock crusher capable of producing more finished materials in the same time is undoubtedly more economical for customers. Benefits, and equipment production efficiency is also a comprehensive judgment of performance, in which structural design is the key; after that, it is to look at the production details, from the overall casting method of the Jaw Crusher, to the selection of screws and nuts, etc. s Choice.

If you want to buy a jaw crusher with guaranteed quality, you still have to go to the factory to visit and inspect. Shanghai SBM mainly produces grinding machine, Raymond mill, high pressure suspension roller mill, jaw crusher, counterattack. Crusher, cone crusher, sand and gravel production line, sand making machine, sand washing machine, ball mill, etc. Welcome to visit our factory.

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The jaw crusher has always been an important crushing device for the coarse crushing process in the stone production line and the sand production line. Since the feed port of the jaw crusher is large, it is a primary crush in the crushing production line, which shows his importance. The traditional PE series jaw crusher is a toothed plate extrusion type of round-trip crushing, and the broken material can only meet the requirements of entering the impact crusher and fine crusher for crushing production. Therefore, he is usually in the stone production line. The highest point is broken.As a new generation of high-performance crusher, jaw crusher surpasses traditional E-break in performance, maintenance cost and structure, and can be widely used in metal and non-metal mines, cement, construction, sandstone, metallurgy and other industries. PE series high-energy rupture is used in the production process of building gravel and machine-made sand, especially when crushing hard materials such as basalt, it has higher production efficiency and lower running cost than traditional smashing.According to the principle of the PE series jaw crusher, a buffer spring is added to the back, so that it can play the role of buffering the pressure during the production, which further increases the particle size and the degree of extrusion, if it is in production. When the discharge is too large, only the adjustment of the bolts behind will strengthen the discharge particle size of the entire stone production line to alleviate the pressure of the secondary crushing to achieve the overall production efficiency improvement, and the discharge granularity is uniform.

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The jaw crusher should be inspected before installation and use, and should comply with the relevant specifications. It should not react with the filter medium to prevent adverse effects on the filter media. It must be verified to determine the time limit for use. In the production process of the machine, it is necessary to use the correct quality management means to reduce the risk of the filter process of the jaw crusher.As a special commodity, the jaw crusher should be produced in a stable and safe manner to achieve all the predetermined standards. The necessity and importance of the process verification is self-evident, and it must be strictly pressed. The crusher is designed for flow operation and must not exceed the rated range, as excessive use beyond the scope of use will result in loss of filtration.When purchasing Jaw Crusher products, it is necessary to consider testing as one of the important basis for assessing the quality of jaw crusher. In daily production and use, the process of maintenance, storage and transportation needs to be extra careful and must not be damaged. Once damaged, it should be replaced immediately. It is strictly forbidden to continue to use.

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