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The price of fly ash dryer does not necessarily cause any problems during normal operation, so how do we find the root cause with problems? How to solve the problem that the temperature of the crushers and mills is too high. Especially in the fly ash dryer during the period of May and June, the outside temperature is too high, the temperature is increasing, the weather is very dry, the temperature inside the cylinder of the fly ash dryer, we have to properly grasp the dryer heating The temperature, otherwise, accidentally will cause the internal materials to catch fire. In severe cases, it will cause fires in the entire workshop. Today, we will solve the cause of the internal materials burning in the drying process. I hope to help you. First of all, the reasons for the ignition of the materials inside the dryer are summarized in these four aspects. You can compare and judge according to the situation. They are: improper use of the dryer equipment; the dryer equipment is too small to reach The drying effect caused by forced heating caused the fire; the design principle of the dryer equipment was problematic; the raw material could not be shot out of the cylinder and caused the fire in the dryer. Correctly use the fly ash dryer to replace or modify the dryer equipment; require the manufacturer to replace or modify the dryer equipment; check whether the dryer equipment is installed correctly, whether it leaks or increases the wind pressure. SBM manufacturers mainly produce various drying equipment such as various fly ash dryers, slime dryers, various mine dryers, grain dryers, etc.
xuanxuan Sep 17 '18 · Tags: crushers and mills