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The crusher is a crusher that can be operated by electricity. After a long period of use, people must inspect every part of the Crusher Machine in time for safety. For this thing, people have to pay attention to the details, love this thing, but also to protect their lives, must not ignore the details. Below Shanghai SBM to explain to you these details, I hope to help everyone understand the crusher.First, the various components must be in good condition.Every component is linked together. Once there is a mistake, it will not work. Therefore, before using it, be sure to make sure the components are in good condition. The place where you need to refuel should be filled with oil as much as possible. There should be no oil spills. When starting the crusher, be sure to have a signal, otherwise it must not be turned on, the power supply and other components must be intact, can not be subjected to any extrusion, and all parts that need to be rotated have no friction.Second, the details of cleaning parts need attentionPeople need to clean the motor and other parts of the Construction Waste Crusher, and don't let other things interfere with the start of the engine, otherwise the damage is quite big. Stone-loaded parts can't be bent or deformed, and it's easy to affect the work, so everyone has to pay attention to check the parts at a fixed time. No breaks can occur between each connected component and they can be completely connected together.Pay attention to your own safety at work, so people should pay attention to the necessary details, from a small part to a whole crusher. Every step from installation to cleaning to inspection needs to be careful. No mistakes are the best. of.

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When the user chooses the Crusher Machine, the production efficiency of the equipment is one of the main considerations of the user. High productivity and high efficiency have always been the best results that the majority of users are eager to pursue. In order to meet the needs of users and to improve the market competitiveness of enterprises, crusher manufacturers must strive to improve the production efficiency of jaw crushers. To sum up, the improvement measures mainly include the following aspects:

First, the improvement of the rack. The width of the feed port directly limits the width of the frame and has a small adjustable range. If the height of the moving body can be lowered and the depth of the crushing cavity can be increased, the strength of the frame can be greatly improved. Second, the improvement of the moving body. As one of the main components of the jaw crusher, the moving body has a non-negligible effect on the improvement of equipment production efficiency. Optimized design of the moving carcass not only improves the Jaw Crusher of the equipment, but also greatly improves its production efficiency. Third, the improvement of the tooth plate. In general, if the toothed plate can be optimized and improved, the wear can be reduced and the production efficiency can be improved.

As a large private enterprise mainly engaged in the production of crushing machinery and other mining machinery equipment, the crushing equipments such as C series jaw crusher, DHKS series jaw crusher and ASJ-E series jaw crusher produced by SBM Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. are all subject to The majority of users are welcome.

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