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When the construction waste crusher breaks down the construction waste, we not only require it to process the construction waste smoothly, but also reduce the environmental pollution. At the same time, it also requires the efficiency of its production. Generally speaking, its efficiency is in addition to external factors. In addition to the relationship, it is also related to its own factors. In addition to the performance and quality of the equipment, the so-called self-factors also include the setting of its parameters. Here is an introduction to the effect of the speed of the rotation on the efficiency.

Generally speaking, the rotational speed of the construction waste crusher can be changed within a certain range. The range of this change is different according to different types of equipment. Once a certain type of machine is selected, the range of the rotational speed is determined. In production, we must pay attention to the excessive or too small speed, which will affect the efficiency of the equipment, so it can not exceed the scope of this adjustment. If the speed is large, the material entering the interior of the construction waste crusher will be pulverized. It is also the case that it is broken again after being broken without being discharged in time. In this case, the efficiency of the machine will decrease. If the rotation speed is small, the material is broken slowly, and the efficiency will drop.

After we understand the relationship between the efficiency and speed of the construction waste crusher, in the actual work, the speed can be adjusted according to the production demand. When adjusting, there are two problems to be noted: 1) The scope of adjustment cannot be Exceeding the scope specified by the equipment; 2) When adjusting, it must be based on the requirements of production, and at the same time take into account the requirements of the quality of the finished product; after these aspects are completed, adjustment can be made, and the adjustment cannot be carried out at will, usually during adjustment. It is important to note that other parameters should be matched to ensure smooth operation and complete the production of the equipment.

The article mainly introduces the influence of the speed of construction waste crusher on efficiency. The article not only gives detailed analysis of the process of speed impact on efficiency, but also gives the problems that should be paid attention to when the speed is adjusted. In actual work. For the adjustment of the speed, even for the adjustment of other parameters inside the equipment, it must be carried out according to the production requirements, and at the same time pay attention to the matching with other parameters, so as to ensure the reasonable degree of cooperation, and then complete the production process.

For the investment of construction waste crusher, we hope to choose equipment with good quality and excellent performance, but the choice of this equipment also needs to consider many reference factors, such as price, market evaluation, manufacturer reputation, etc., different customers. When choosing these different devices, the reference standards are different. Some customers will choose according to market evaluation. Is this method reliable?

Market evaluation is also the feedback of customers. It is relatively true. For example, when we buy electrical appliances or clothes, we choose according to the big brands with good reviews on the market, so we are building When a large-scale mining equipment such as a garbage crusher is selected, some people use a similar method, but this method is not feasible. Let us introduce the reason for this phenomenon.

Because the construction waste crusher is a production equipment, when it is working, depending on the production requirements, different models can be selected to complete the material processing. In the process of production, if the selected model is unreasonable, then It will cause the efficiency of production to reach the customer's demand. In addition, because different types of equipment work, the processing capacity is different. If the selected model does not meet the production requirements, the equipment wear will also increase. At work, not only is the efficiency low, but also the phenomenon of frequent failures.

Therefore, when selecting a construction waste crusher, market evaluation is important, but more important is whether the equipment is suitable for the needs of its own project. Generally speaking, when purchasing, factors that need reference are not included in the market evaluation. It also includes the demand for capacity, the nature of the material, the size of the manufacturer, etc., and comprehensive consideration can be used to purchase good equipment.

The article mainly introduces the question of whether the construction waste crusher is feasible according to market evaluation. The above analysis of this problem is more detailed, and the answer is not feasible, because different equipments have different application scopes, only suitable for themselves. Equipment for production needs can be a good choice.

Construction waste is the most promising potential. The rise of construction waste treatment, known as “misplaced resources”, has led to continuous innovation in construction waste crusherThe construction waste crusher can crush the construction waste into various aggregates and powders. It can produce various environmentally-friendly bricks, hollow bricks, etc., and can make concrete mixing, make mixed mortar and bagged mortar, which can make money. The construction waste treatment equipment is crushed into pieces having a diameter of less than 2 cm after being subjected to primary crushing, sieving, and re-crushing. The sand substitutes can be mixed together according to a certain share, and sent to the mixer through the conveying equipment for mixing and fermentation. In the future, the fermented excipients are mixed with the pulverized construction waste, additives, etc., and then mixed again, and then mixed into a molding apparatus and extruded. That is, the brick made of construction waste is reacted at a certain temperature, and it is quickly formed.The construction waste treatment equipment adopts the construction waste crusher technology of ***, and the wastes such as construction waste and non-metallic solid waste of building materials are crushed by the mobile crusher, and can produce various new construction materials that meet the quality inspection standards, according to equipment and equipment. The useful utilization rate of different construction waste can reach 80-***, no secondary pollution occurs, and it can complete the environmental protection effect of near zero pollution and zero emissions. This shows that the construction waste disposal project has a long-term vision, and earning money is just around the corner.

After the demolition of old buildings, bridges, highways and other technical facilities, a large number of stones and bricks will be produced, which will not only occupy a large amount of land, but will even pose a threat to the living environment of the residents. The jaw crusher, based on its own ability to apply various types of materials, began the project of crushing and recycling construction waste. After the construction waste is crushed, we can get a lot of construction materials, or use it for the foundation filling of the project, or use it to make bricks and tiles, and the characteristics of turning waste into treasure are once again reflected here.

Is the Jaw Crusher the most suitable equipment for construction waste crusher? why?

Everyone knows for sure that the construction waste is complex in shape, different in size and hardness. If other types of crushers are used, it is impossible to achieve better results. The jaw crusher has a wide feed port and is smashed by two pieces of slabs to pulverize the material. It is suitable for construction waste crushing both in construction and in process. It is specially created for the crushing of construction waste.

As a new type of crushing equipment, the Construction Waste Crusher has been purchased and used by more and more people, and has become the choice of large and medium-sized enterprises and even individual households. In the current majority of users are only concerned with production and use, paying less attention to the cleaning of the equipment, sometimes inevitable problems in the production process, so that the user is in a passive state, so that the crusher can not continue to invest produce.First, before we prepare to use and start up, we must first check whether the components inside the fuselage are firmly installed, whether there is looseness, and there is no oil stain on the belt and the pulley. It should be wiped clean with a clean rag in time, do not leave stains. And dust. Whether there is any residue material in the feed port and the discharge port, it is necessary to timely process to ensure the discharge port and the feed port are clean and tidy. At the same time, it is necessary to see if there are any other debris in the crushing chamber of the equipment, and also clean it up in time. For the specially designed metal crusher, there is a lining plate placed in the crushing cavity. At the same time as the rotary cutter is selected, the metal material will grind some paint on the lining. We must also ensure that there is no impurity or paint house inside. Only in the early stage, we have done these cleaning work, so as to ensure that the equipment will not appear in the use of other materials should not appear in the use, so as not to affect your production and use, but also make the Quarry crusher life longer. For a long time, bring you more convenience.When cleaning the crusher, the first thing to pay attention to is the safety problem. You must disconnect the power supply before you can clean it. Then open the inside of the crushing chamber, clear the remaining material, and then clean the residual material on the hammer. When cleaning, use a cleaning tool such as a brush or a towel to avoid injury. After cleaning the material, clean it with 75% ethanol and then close the crushing chamber. At this point, the interior has been cleaned, the rest is to clean the appearance of the crusher, the ground is also to be cleaned. After this is done, then boot up and see if there are any errors.

With the rapid urbanization process, a large amount of construction waste is generated. The construction waste components are composed of waste bricks, concrete, rock, scrap iron wire, steel bars, electric wires, etc. These materials can be recycled and reused after processing, so the reasonable disposal of these construction wastes has become the focus of increasing attention.China's construction waste crusher started late, and the treatment of construction waste is imminent. Now the demolition of the city and the urbanization of the countryside have produced a large amount of construction solid waste. Due to the dumping and landfilling of these wastes, not only the land but also the temperature is occupied. Under the action of water, the wastewater generated by fermentation and scouring causes serious pollution to groundwater and air.The recycling of construction waste is a systematic project. We must attach great importance to improving the technical treatment level of construction waste. Most of the construction waste can be reused as renewable resources. For example, waste concrete and waste masonry can be crushed once by using a mobile crushing station. The coarse and fine aggregates can be used to produce concrete of the corresponding strength grade, mortar or preparation. Building materials such as blocks, wall panels, floor tiles, etc.After adding the solidified material to the coarse and fine aggregates, it can also be used for the road pavement base. The waste bricks are burnt clay materials. When crushed and ground into powder materials, they have pozzolanic activity and can be used as concrete admixtures instead of fly ash, slag powder and stone powder. The mobile crushing station is a construction waste crusher tailored for construction waste in recent years. It can crush construction waste and then generate sand for building materials, which is very environmentally friendly.The mobile crushing station is mainly used for metallurgical, chemical, building materials, hydropower and other materials that need to be relocated, especially for the operation of mobile materials such as highways, railways, hydropower projects, etc. Users can scale according to the type of processing materials. Different configurations are required for the finished material.

At present, the market is constantly changing and developing, and the technical aspects are constantly improving. During the operation, users will encounter vibrations in the construction waste crusher. Let me explain to you the reasons for the vibration of the construction waste pulverizer.

1. During operation, if there is metal material entering the grinding disc, the vibration caused by it. In order to prevent metal from entering, iron removers and metal detectors can be installed on the construction waste shredder equipment.

Second, the grinding disc in the equipment does not form a mat, the crushing device and the liner inside the equipment will directly cause vibration. Thereby forming a mat.

Third, the amount of material to be cut must use the production capacity of vertical mill. When the material is lower than the vertical mill, the production layer will gradually become thinner. When the material layer is thin to the extent of the ***, the tension is required. Under the effect of its own weight, the construction waste pulverizer will indirectly contact to produce an impact and cause vibration.

4. When the hardness of the processed material is low, the friability is good. When the material has good friability, low hardness and high tension, it can cause vibration of the equipment when it is pressed in an instant according to the thickness of the material layer during operation.

5. The retaining ring is too low. When processing materials, when the retaining ring of the Mobile Crusher Plant is low, it is difficult to ensure a smooth thickness of the material layer, because it depends on the actual processing of the material. Appropriate adjustment of the height of the retaining ring, in order to achieve the highest efficiency of the equipment during operation, to avoid vibration.

Sixth, the hammer of the pulverizer is incorrectly installed. Generally, the hammer should be changed together when changing the face. Because the difference between the weights of the two hammers is large, so in order to avoid losing balance, strong vibration occurs.

With the development of society, the problem of environmental pollution is a very important issue. The faster the society develops, the more serious the environmental pollution will be. This requires environmental protection. While enjoying urban civilization, people are also suffering from the troubles caused by urban garbage. Among them, construction waste accounts for a considerable proportion, accounting for 30%~40% of the total waste. According to relevant information, the brick-concrete structure In the rough construction of construction materials such as cast-in-place structures and frame structures, in the Construction Waste Crusher of 10,000 square meters of buildings, only construction waste will produce 500-600 tons. According to this calculation, the amount of construction waste generated and discharged by construction construction in China alone exceeds 100 million tons per year, and the amount of construction waste generated by building decoration, demolition and building materials industry will reach hundreds of millions of tons.Under the guidelines of resource utilization and environmental protection, we will follow the principle of rapid removal and proximity treatment, timely and effectively clear and transport construction waste in the disaster area, and recycle the construction waste crusher after recycling. With the construction waste pulverizer, the application concept and technical advantages of the miniaturized recycling system can be fully utilized, which lays a solid foundation for the harmlessness, reduction and resource treatment of construction waste. For example: waste concrete and waste masonry can be used to produce concrete and mortar of corresponding strength grades or to prepare building materials such as blocks, wallboards and floor tiles; use of waste bricks to produce aggregates, which can be used for production. Recycled bricks, blocks, wall panels, floor tiles and other building materials. Realize the advantages of construction waste reduction, resource utilization, conservation of natural resources, protection of ecological environment, etc., and have high economic value.Construction waste shredder features:1. Recycled bricks, wall panels, floor tiles, insulation bricks, etc. produced through secondary utilization of construction waste are in compliance with the relevant standards for building materials.2. The finished product made of construction waste as raw material has low cost, low investment and high economic benefit.3. The secondary use of construction waste is in line with the industrial policy of energy conservation and emission reduction.The Construction Waste Crusher can easily and flexibly handle these troublesome construction wastes, turn construction waste into recycled aggregates (instead of natural sand and gravel), and move crushing stations to the site to scrap bricks, stones, concrete, etc. After being crushed, instead of sand, it is used for masonry mortar, plastering mortar, concrete cushioning, roofing leveling or for building building materials such as blocks, paving bricks, and grate bricks. Especially for foamed concrete walls, it should be the best material to truly achieve energy saving and emission reduction.

According to different treatment scopes, Construction waste crusher can be divided into counter-attack mobile crushing station, squatting mobile crushing station and cone moving crushing station.The counter-moving mobile crushing station is mainly used for the two-breaking equipment of the crushing production line. As the “waiting crushing equipment” of the processed stone crusher of the jaw crusher, the Construction waste crusher can crush the feed particle size not exceeding 500mm and the compressive strength does not exceed 50MPa. A variety of coarse, medium and fine materials.Jaw crusher is generally used for primary crushing. Due to its large feed port, the large material can be directly broken into the mineral grain size of the second breaking equipment. The jaw crusher is divided into coarse crushing and fine crushing. The product specifications are complete, and the product specifications are given. It is 125mm~750mm and is the primary crushing equipment.The cone crusher has large crushing ratio, high efficiency, low energy consumption and uniform product size. It is suitable for fine crushing and ultra-fine crushing and hardening of various ores, rocks, slag and refractory materials.

In recent years, the implementation of urban village renovation, demolition and demolition, and old city reconstruction has been accelerating, and the city has become more and more beautiful, while the amount of construction waste has increased. At present, there are existing plans for recycling and recycling of construction waste. After sorting and processing, the concrete and waste brick crushing sieves are divided into coarse and fine aggregates for the production of concrete, mortar or wallboard, block and floor tiles of corresponding strength grade. Such building materials, waste bricks and broken aggregates can also produce environmentally friendly bricks and other building materials. Construction wastes are a new type of recycled building materials with obvious cost advantages and high economic value.

In order to invest in the Construction waste crusher industry, the most important thing is to purchase equipment. A construction waste crushing station can be divided into crushing and screening stations. The mobile type occupies less space and can be freely entered into the demolition site for processing. After the demolition site is finished, it can be moved to another demolition site. After the city is finished, it can be pulled to another city. This is the advantage of moving the crushing station and it is very mobile. The fixed construction waste treatment equipment is suitable for disposal in the construction waste temporary disposal field. There is a fixed place, the output is large, and the closed workshop is needed. Using construction waste to dispose of crushing equipment, construction waste can completely achieve on-site treatment and zero discharge, effectively solving the problems of local construction waste surrounding the city, garbage moving and polluting the environment.

How much does it cost to invest in a Construction waste crusher? Purchase complete sets of construction waste treatment equipment, identify the output that you need, and the use of recycled building materials to find cost-effective equipment.

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