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In recent years, the implementation of urban village renovation, demolition and demolition, and old city reconstruction has been accelerating, and the city has become more and more beautiful, while the amount of construction waste has increased. At present, there are existing plans for recycling and recycling of construction waste. After sorting and processing, the concrete and waste brick crushing sieves are divided into coarse and fine aggregates for the production of concrete, mortar or wallboard, block and floor tiles of corresponding strength grade. Such building materials, waste bricks and broken aggregates can also produce environmentally friendly bricks and other building materials. Construction wastes are a new type of recycled building materials with obvious cost advantages and high economic value.

In order to invest in the Construction waste crusher industry, the most important thing is to purchase equipment. A construction waste crushing station can be divided into crushing and screening stations. The mobile type occupies less space and can be freely entered into the demolition site for processing. After the demolition site is finished, it can be moved to another demolition site. After the city is finished, it can be pulled to another city. This is the advantage of moving the crushing station and it is very mobile. The fixed construction waste treatment equipment is suitable for disposal in the construction waste temporary disposal field. There is a fixed place, the output is large, and the closed workshop is needed. Using construction waste to dispose of crushing equipment, construction waste can completely achieve on-site treatment and zero discharge, effectively solving the problems of local construction waste surrounding the city, garbage moving and polluting the environment.

How much does it cost to invest in a Construction waste crusher? Purchase complete sets of construction waste treatment equipment, identify the output that you need, and the use of recycled building materials to find cost-effective equipment.

Throughout the year, the weather is unpredictable, the spring has passed, and it is almost summer. The summer weather is called a storm, and the sun is shining. For people, in the summer, they want to stay at home and enjoy the air conditioning at home. Then, when the high temperature is about to hit, what protective measures should we take when using the construction waste crusher? Let's take a look at the following small series.First of all, we must put safety first in doing anything, so we must pay attention to our own safety when using the construction waste crusher. If working in an open environment, be sure to prevent the equipment from overheating and burn the motor. Parts, as well as operators must drink plenty of water during operation. If there is physical discomfort, you need to take a rest in a cool and ventilated place to avoid the phenomenon of lack of water.Secondly, the construction waste crusher should pay attention to the matters involved in the operation of the equipment itself. If there is overheating, it is necessary to take some corresponding measures according to the actual situation to avoid damage to the equipment caused by overheating for a long time. And the short circuit of electricity caused by high temperature production occurs. Every time the Portable Crusher Plant stops working, it needs to be inspected by the operator. The most important thing is to check whether the lubricating oil in the bearing box is sufficient and the tightness of the pulley. These are all affected by different degrees of high temperature, so daily inspection and maintenance is necessary.If you work outdoors in the summer, you need to pay more attention to the operation of the equipment and the change of weather to prevent heatstroke and rust. However, it is recommended to put the equipment indoors to avoid prolonged exposure. A certain impact, if the situation does not allow, then it is necessary to do a good job of ventilation and heat dissipation of the construction waste crusher.

The counter-attack construction waste crusher is a crushing equipment newly developed by SBM Industrial Technology Group using internationally advanced production technology. The equipment not only has excellent quality, high crushing efficiency, but also the output of the equipment is very high, and the price is also compared. Affordable is the equipment commonly used in the market, and is favored by the majority of users. This article gives a brief introduction to this counter-attack construction waste crusher.

Counterattack construction waste crusher structure

The counter-attack construction waste crusher has a simple structure and is mainly composed of a roller, a roller support bearing, a pressing and adjusting device, and a driving device. The operation and maintenance are also very convenient.

Counterattack construction waste crusher performance advantage

1. High output: There are very advanced technical parameters. The crushing principle is also very advanced. The crushing ratio is large, so that the finished product has uniform particle size and high output.

2, less wear parts loss: the use of internationally advanced materials processing, the equipment has superior wear and impact resistance, extending the replacement period of wearing parts.

3, low energy consumption: the use of internationally advanced motor equipment, so that its equipment in the process of energy consumption is very low, can save a lot of money for the processing plant every year.

4, convenient maintenance: internal structure design is reasonable, parts replacement is very convenient, shortening the downtime of equipment during maintenance.

5, low noise, low vibration: advanced muffler, so that the equipment does not appear any noise during the work, improve the surrounding construction environment.

6. Uniform particle size of the finished product: The finished product has a uniform particle size, good particle shape, and a very large cube content, which reduces the needle-like material.

The construction waste crusher is a common crushing equipment in the mining field. The equipment is mainly used for medium and fine crushing of materials. It has high comprehensive utilization value and wide application range, and can be used in many fields such as construction, building materials, chemical industry and mining. Where do you want to buy a high-quality construction waste crusher? This article will introduce the construction waste crusher manufacturers in detail.

Shanghai Construction Waste Crusher Manufacturer - SBM Industrial Technology Group

Shanghai is a famous hometown of machinery in China. There are many well-known mining equipment manufacturers gathered here. The SBM Industrial Technology Group, which has a high reputation and credibility, is mainly due to the following:

1. SBM Industrial Technology Group has a history of development for many years. It has witnessed the progress and growth of SBM every step of the way. Nowadays, our production workshop is more specialized, and various assembly equipments are more advanced, which will be built. Excellent equipment has laid a strong foundation.

2, SBM Industrial Technology Group's construction waste crusher price is very affordable, we have fully considered the price influencing factors in the process of equipment price customization, and carried out a more comprehensive analysis of all the factors affecting the price system, and then combined with the market The market and the relationship between supply and demand have customized a very reasonable sales plan.

3. In terms of after-sales service, SBM Industrial Technology Group is compared with other manufacturers in the industry. We will provide users with perfect and professional services. If users purchase our equipment, we will have professionals to customize the production requirements of users. There are equipment solutions, and also provide free installation, commissioning, trial operation and training, etc., so that the equipment can be operated normally, and if the equipment encounters other problems during use, we will solve it for you in time. Good to reduce economic losses.

Mobile crushing plants bring environmental and economic effects to the construction waste crusher industry. So far, the growth rate of construction waste is not only shocking, but the annual output of urban construction waste is also an amazing figure. If the construction waste is only extensively landfilled, it will not only occupy the land, pollute the environment, but also waste the availability resources of the mobile crushing station. The new mobile crushing station developed by the SBM mining machine not only handles the construction waste, but also brings economic benefits to the city.So, where does the economic benefit of construction waste come from? First, the composition of construction waste determines its basis for renewable resources. Furthermore, the research and development of SBM mining machines in mobile crushing plants makes construction waste a renewable building material and provides a safe backup. Through the above comprehensive factors, the fact that construction waste is a treasure is created. After the waste processed by the mobile crushing station, it can generate recycled materials such as recycled bricks and environmentally-friendly building materials. If the cost of construction waste is low, then the benefits of the environmentally friendly building materials it produces will be high. Of course, if you want construction waste to bring real benefits to people, you must first rely on the resource processing of mobile crushing stations.The existence of the original construction waste will have a serious impact on people's living environment. Nowadays, the emergence of construction waste crusher has turned it into a waste, completely eliminating the pollution caused by construction waste and other undesirable social phenomena. Achieving 100% utilization, the production of environmentally friendly aggregates can be used in construction, while also alleviating the excessive demand for natural sand.

Construction waste crusher is a commonly used construction waste crusher in the field of mining machinery. There are many types of construction waste crusher models on the market. Many consumers do not understand the equipment and it is difficult to choose a good model. The Surban Industrial Technology Group will give a brief introduction to the selection basis and common specifications of the construction waste crusher.

Different types of construction waste crushers have different parameters, structures and performances. Therefore, it is necessary to master some equipment selection criteria in order to purchase suitable crushing equipment.

1, according to the nature of the material

Each type of construction waste crusher has different materials and application scopes. Therefore, users need to conduct a comprehensive investigation and analysis on the hardness, structure and humidity of the construction waste to be crushed when selecting the model, and the processing site. Conduct an inspection to select the appropriate model.

2, according to equipment performance

Different types of construction waste crusher have different emphasis on performance. For example, the large-scale construction waste crusher will have higher output and higher efficiency, but the power is larger, and the small-type construction waste crusher Although the output and efficiency are low, the power is small and the running cost is low.

3, according to equipment prices

It takes a lot of money to purchase a construction waste crusher, so the price has become the focus of users when purchasing the equipment. Users need to purchase equipment with good quality and low price, and need to have strengths for multiple manufacturers. Investigate, production capacity, equipment quality, etc., and in conjunction with their own financial situation, select the appropriate construction waste crusher specifications and models at the appropriate manufacturers.

In recent years, global temperatures have risen, glaciers have begun to melt, ocean areas have increased, and land area has decreased. Faced with this situation, countries around the world began to develop energy-saving emission reduction and green production. In order to actively respond to the current environmental protection development theme, Shibang Industrial Technology Group recommended the environmentally-friendly series of mobile crushers in 2008 after nearly ten years. The hard work of research, the breakthrough of core technology, and the introduction of a new type of equipment for building waste recycling resources - vehicle-mounted mobile construction waste crusher. Since its introduction, the equipment has been widely recognized by users in the market, enabling it to be applied in many fields such as construction waste, mine development, and municipal engineering.China's application of vehicle-mounted mobile construction waste crusherThe rapid growth of China's economy is also accompanied by massive soil and water pollution, causing serious damage to our living environment. Is economic development destined to be antagonistic to the environment and resources? The answer is, no. In recent years, the relevant policies of the country are favorable, and the call for “low-carbon life” is getting higher and higher. This proves that the vehicle-mounted mobile construction waste crusher produced by Shibang Industrial Technology Group helps the development of urban construction waste recycling resources to meet the development needs of the times. The natural sandstone produced by the equipment can also replace the natural sandstone aggregate, and it also shows its own advantages compared with the natural sandstone. The finished product has uniform particle size and is more convenient for users to use directly. At present, our vehicle-mounted mobile construction waste crusher has been applied to a wider range of applications and exported to many countries and regions abroad. User feedback is good.The advantage of vehicle-mounted mobile construction waste crusher to break construction waste1. The structure is novel and the power is strong. The equipment is suitable for the novel vehicle structure, and can switch two kinds of vehicle power devices, such as tires and crawlers, according to the specific needs of users. The equipment is also equipped with a powerful horsepower motor, which is more powerful.2. Flexible configuration and complete functions. Up to now, the equipment has more than 100 types of derivative combinations, and its operation methods and production values ​​are not the same. There are many functions such as sand making, crushing, screening and conveying.3. The process is simple and the output value is stable. The equipment integrates the traditional production of construction waste multi-stage crushing mode into single-line equipment crushing, and produces a more uniform sandstone finished product with a simpler process.4, multi-machine combination, low cost. Integrated equipment, “cycling into the line”, the user directly “driving” the production site, immediately carry out the construction waste crushing operation, saving equipment infrastructure costs, low finished products and high returns.

Small construction waste shredders are one of the commonly used equipment in mining, but the installation of small construction waste shredders has many details that are easy to ignore. For example, the installation of horns generally uses the slurry method.

Small construction waste crusher horn installation

Since the small construction waste pulverizer belongs to a high-speed vibration machine, its foundation should be separated from other foundations or isolated as a vibration source. When the foundation was reviewed before installation, it was found that the base points were different in height and inclination. If the backing plate is directly placed on this basis, the level requirement of the backing plate cannot be guaranteed, and the contact area requirement between the upper surface of the backing plate and the bottom surface of the device cannot be achieved. Even if the base surface is leveled to ensure the level, it is quite difficult to ensure that the 32-pad foundation is at the same level. Moreover, the contact area between the bottom surface of the pad and the base surface is small, and the equipment is operated for a period of time, and the elevation and level of the pad must be changed, which deteriorates the running state of the device. The installation of the large rotating device requires strict horns. The quality of the product directly affects the service life of the equipment and the vibration after the equipment is turned, and even the problems of the small construction waste crusher in production will increase in the future. Therefore, the horn installation is a vital part of the installation quality of the equipment.

Seat method installation

By consulting relevant materials and construction drawings, and discussing and deliberating with the technical supervisor of the project, it is decided to adopt the paddle block method to pre-bury the bottom plate, and then install the non-shrinkage grouting material to pour the foundation and the equipment. The slurry method—simply puts concrete mortar between the horn and the foundation to achieve the purpose of horn installation and improve the installation quality of the horn. When the pulp is used, the level of the bottom plate is measured with a level meter, and the level above each base plate is measured by a water level meter to ensure that the heights of the respective bottom plates are the same. This also reduces the number of slabs, using only one bottom plate and one pair of slanting pads. The slurry of the slurry method is prepared by using sand, pebbles, cement, water, and the like. The mix ratio is an important part of the grouting method. The mix ratio directly affects the construction quality of the grouting method. The cement used in the grouting method uses non-shrinkage cement and high-grade cement.

There are many types of construction waste crusher, such as cone-breaking construction waste crusher, counter-breaking construction waste crusher, mobile crushing and screening equipment, etc. According to the needs of different customers, different construction waste crushers can be formulated, and Shanghai construction waste is broken. There are many manufacturers, and there are many large-scale brand enterprises. Here, we will introduce the equipment and price of Shanghai construction waste crusher manufacturers.Shanghai construction waste crusher manufacturers equipment how toMost of the equipment produced by Shanghai brand construction waste crusher manufacturers have the following advantages:1. When the user purchases the construction waste crusher, it does not need any infrastructure construction, which greatly avoids the time-consuming, laborious and costly construction, and can start production in time, bringing great benefits to users.2. The whole equipment has strong maneuverability and is more adaptable to various environments. Users can directly reach the mining site for operation, and the degree of automation is high.3. Especially the large brand manufacturers in Shanghai construction waste crusher manufacturers can carry out single or multi-machine joint combination according to the production needs of different customers, so that multiple equipments can carry out single operation and multiple operations.How is the price of Shanghai construction waste crusher manufacturers?1. Different brands, Shanghai construction waste crusher manufacturers have different prices – because each manufacturer's brand price and promotion cost are different, in general, different brands, the same type of vehicle mobile crusher manufacturers offer different prices, but Generally speaking, the stronger the brand, the more effective the equipment quality and follow-up services.2, the nature of the manufacturer is different, the price of Shanghai construction waste crusher manufacturers is different - there are many kinds of equipment manufacturers in Shanghai, but because of its certain technical content, not all mine crusher factories can produce, so the general direct selling manufacturers Only have the ability to produce on their own, such manufacturers do not have middlemen, the price of the vehicle construction waste crusher manufacturers reported generally will be more reasonable.

Mobile construction waste crushers mainly include shovel construction waste crushers, hammer construction waste crushers, cone construction waste crusher, etc. These crushing equipments are widely used in various fields such as crushing production lines and sand production lines. There are direct selling manufacturers and agents in the market for mobile construction waste crushers. How can users choose high quality and low price crushing equipment manufacturers from these manufacturers?

I. Analysis of the current situation of mobile construction waste crusher manufacturers

Mobile construction waste crusher manufacturers have a large number of brands, small brands, ordinary manufacturers, etc., the main reasons for this situation are as follows:

1. China's industry is at a high-speed development stage. There are many domestic manufacturers of machinery and equipment. Most crushing equipment manufacturers also produce mobile construction waste crushers. Mobile construction waste crushers are mostly distributed in Henan, Jiangsu, Guangdong and other places. Many manufacturers have large inventories, and the prices of common crushing equipment such as shovel construction waste crushers and cone construction waste crushers are different.

2. Since the price of crushing equipment is affected by factors such as model, performance and production capacity, the quotations for stone crushing equipment in different regions are also different. According to relevant statistics, there are many manufacturers of mobile construction waste crusher in Henan, and The price of such crushing equipment such as shovel construction waste crusher, hammer construction waste crusher and cone construction waste crusher is relatively low.

Second, mobile construction waste crusher manufacturers push

Which is the manufacturer of high-quality and low-cost crushing equipment for mobile construction waste crusher manufacturers? This article recommends a domestic famous mobile construction waste crusher direct selling manufacturer - SBM Industrial Technology Group Co., Ltd., which produces a wide variety of stone crushing equipment, such as shovel construction waste crusher, hammer construction waste crusher, cone construction Garbage crushers, etc., and the models of these crushing equipment are also relatively complete, and can also be professionally customized, users can be combined with the actual production needs by professional technical team to create professional crushing equipment.

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