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In order to support the trend of localization of crusher and promote the development of crusher - mdash; & mdash; cone crusher, the state issued Guiding Opinions on Promoting Deep Mineral Prospecting, in order to promote the exploration of solid minerals in China to the deep. It shows that mining machinery and equipment will face a new round of industry demand, which indicates that the industry prosperity of mining machinery and equipment stocks is expected to continue to rise and continue.

Cone crusher according to the scope of use, divided into crushing, crushing and fine three kinds, crushing cone crusher is also known as rotary crusher, crushing and fine SBM cone crusher is also known as bacterial cone crusher. Cyclic crusher is a crushing equipment, which is mainly used for crushing various hardness ores in mineral processing industry and other industrial sectors. Bacterial crusher is mainly used for medium and fine crushing equipment of various hardness ores. According to the current situation of crushing workshop of concentrator in our country, the standard cone crusher is mostly used in medium crushing equipment, and the short-head cone crusher is mostly used in fine crushing equipment, which has almost been finalized. However, crushing equipment is either rotary crusher or jaw crusher.

At present, more and more mines begin to use mechanized operation to improve the mining rate, especially in coal, copper, zinc mines and other mines, the degree of mechanization has been greatly improved, and the quality of products and the size requirements of these industries are constantly improving. For this reason, in order to meet the requirements of different customers, the cone crusher has been successfully developed. SBM cone crusher uses hydraulic system to adjust the size of the equipment discharging, to ensure the safety of the equipment when it runs, and can discharged foreign matter when it can not be broken. The machine covers four types of cavity from coarse crushing to fine crushing, and can be combined in six ways. The crusher can satisfy the different needs of users very well.

SBM is a professional crusher equipment manufacturer. Its main products include jaw crusher, impact crusher, counterattack crusher, hammer crusher and so on. It provides customers with more efficient and high-quality crusher equipment products and sincere and perfect service, and makes greater contributions to the development of crusher equipment in China.

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After the user purchases the cone crusher, in order to ensure the production life and the efficiency of the operation, the equipment is tested at intervals. So what are the testing tasks of the cone crusher?

The general inspection time is started after the equipment is finished, and it is cooled for five or six hours. The inspector firstly checks the flatness of the conical surface to see if there is any unevenness. If so, inform the technician to make the transformation. It is found that unqualified parts or parts with deviations should be replaced in time.

The counterweight of the large bevel gear of the cone crusher is to eliminate the inertial force and moment of inertia of the direction change caused by the crushing cone. Due to the limitation of the size of the crusher, the inertial force of the crushing cone cannot be completely eliminated. Therefore, when the crushing cone rotates, a large unbalanced inertial force is generated. This unbalanced inertial force is caused by the crusher frame and the basic vibration. Disturbance. That is, the disturbance of the crusher is the unbalanced inertial force generated when the crusher's crushing cone rotates around the central axis.

The cone crusher is an important ore dressing equipment with relatively large body shape. During its operation, the wear of the parts will seriously affect the vibration stability of the crusher, and at the same time, the machine will be in a state of forced vibration for a long time, which will seriously affect the crushing. The safe operation of the machine. The study found that the disturbance is an important factor affecting the forced vibration of the crusher. Let us analyze it here.

For the operation of the empty machine with a cone crusher, before starting the machine, check whether the equipment is installed well. Everything is normal before it can be turned on. During the empty operation, it is necessary to check the sealing, jamming, friction, and impact of the equipment. . During the trial rotation, check whether the cylinder body has obvious sway, whether there is too much noise, ensure that the cylinder sway does not exceed 0.5mm, and the noise is controlled within 85db. After the cone is broken and put into formal work, the staff needs to insert the special thermometer for the rolling bearing into the oil control of the bearing seat, and measure it once every hour, knowing that the temperature is stable.

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In recent years, with the rise of China's mining machinery industry, crushing equipment has occupied a dominant position and has been rapidly developed in the entire industry. Among them, the cone crusher has been widely used in the entire crushing production line. The machine has low energy consumption, adapts to a wide range of materials, and has a high crushing ratio and high output. It has been recognized by many customers. There are many types of Cone Crusher, including: hydraulic cone crushers, spring cone crushers, cone crushers, etc.

As a secondary crushing equipment, the cone crusher is widely used in the Sand Making Machine. The machine is crushed by a combination of collision and extrusion, which greatly improves the efficiency of the entire production line, which not only saves high output. Moreover, the energy consumption is relatively low. Perhaps because of its energy-saving characteristics, many manufacturers continue to reform and innovate, at any cost to study the updated technology, and strive for a more efficient cone crusher.

In the current period, the cone crusher is the first crushing equipment of major manufacturers. It is precisely because the development of the cone crusher has been fast and other crushers. SBM Heavy Industry's cone crusher is a well-known crushing device in the industry with excellent quality, high efficiency and energy saving.

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Regarding the crusher family, I think it is necessary to give everyone a common number of common ones. For those jobs with a large crushing ratio, in addition to the need for uniformity of particles without uniformity, there will be a jaw crusher. Such as mining, smelting, building materials, highways, etc. For positions with selective crushing requirements, such as highways and hydropower construction, impact crushers are generally used, which also have the characteristics of large crushing ratio. Below our main character debut, cone crusher. The cone crusher is also called a hydraulic cone crusher. So what is a cone crusher and how does it work? The most commonly used crusher classifications are there three types in general? Don't worry, we will introduce in detail next.Why is it called a Cone crusher? As the name implies, the cone crusher has a fixed cone and a moving cone, and the two work together. The fixed part is called the fixed cone, and the part that makes the revolving motion is called the moving cone. The cone crusher has an important system, the hydraulic system. The size of the crusher discharge port is realized by the hydraulic system. The stability and safety of the operation are all escorted by the hydraulic system. If foreign matter appears in the crushing chamber, the hydraulic system is used to adjust the position of the cone to eliminate foreign matter, and then Automatically restored to the original position.So how is the classification of the cone crusher defined? The three most commonly used types are SMG series, spring type and HPC type. The advantage of the SMG series is that it can be crushed by lamination under the premise of filling, so that the particles of the crushed material are better, and more crushing chambers and eccentricity can be selected to increase the output to satisfy the customers. Claim.What are the advantages of the spring type, and under what circumstances is the broken spring type more suitable? The spring safety system and the clearing system are unparalleled advantages of the spring type. If there is any foreign matter that cannot be broken in the cavity, or there is overload of the device, the spring insurance mechanism can adjust the amount of stone. If there is a special situation in the process of stone removal, the ore card cannot be excluded at the discharge port. Will play a role in further increasing mine discharge. Ensure the discharge of foreign matter.The HPC series of high-efficiency hydraulic cone crushers are advanced super crushers in the country and the world today. Experts combine the superior speed, stroke and Stone Crusher Liner to further improve the performance of the cone crusher. Both productivity and production efficiency have a qualitative leap. In addition, its superior ability has expanded its application range, whether it is a perfect combination of crushing speed, eccentricity (stroke) and high-performance crushing cavity design. It not only improves productivity and crushing efficiency, but also expands the range of applications, whether it is a variety of medium or fine crushing or ultra-fine crushing operations can be completed satisfactorily.

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