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This career will become more significant Dofus Kamas in the experience, and will bring a brand new family of monsters! This overhaul also encompasses the terraced areas of Astrub. The movements between the rest of the world of the twelve months and the city will be facilitated thanks to roads leading to the points.

Mysteries secrets and treasures are hidden in the world of the Twelve, and also the secret of the Dalles is one of these. Greater than 10 years old, he was discovered from the Liche Dofus player.If Ankama has always loved playing with details and words, there are still lots of secrets in the world of the Twelve that are only waiting to be shown. After over ten years of mystery, a classic riddle is emerging, and it's connected to the slabs sprinkled around the continent...

Forming the word"DOFUS", the title of the legendary dragon eggs, but also the title of Dofus, these tiles have the particularity, when 5 Dofus players are put on at precisely the exact same time, to start the entry to a secret cave. Found in the Crackers' Low Mountain, the myth tells that in this cave would be innumerable treasures able to transform any person approaching it. It might be a secure that could open just to the very first person who finds it. Liche, Dofus participant and youtuber called the buy Kamas Dofus Retro community, reap the benefits of the introduction of temporary servers to attempt and unravel this mystery, and finally reveal what's hidden in the Crackers! Everything has not gone as intended. But this adventure isn't over yet elements have arrived, and that which suggests that the hunt is only starting.
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