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Early last week, popular Rocket League content creator SunlessKhan had Rocket League Trading a vision for a spectacle that fans of the game had never seen before. Last night, he hosted the longest Rocket League game in history.

Two teams of professional players would compete in a game where the clock counted upwards, with the winning team earning bragging rights, the prize pool, and a well-deserved nap at the end of the marathon session.

He fully admitted from the event’s inception that he had no idea how long the game would go on for, but extended the open invitation for pro players to join the event and play “until the server dies.”

Lethamyr, Speed, and MajicBear started for Orange, against ViolentPanda, Shock, and Virtuoso on Blue. Orange quickly took and maintained a lead, reaching (forgive me for spoilers) 32-18 by hour one and a ludicrous 432 - 283 by the end of the game. The entire match was meticulously documented on the Rocket League Liquipedia page, which kept track of the players subbing in and out of the match throughout.

Despite the prize money, which was increased to RL Prices $5,000 thanks to viewer donations, the players would be the first to tell you that in-game performance wasn’t their main focus after hours and hours in the server. The match went late into the night for the European players, and Affinity player MajicBear played for an incredible 7.5 hours straight without a substitution. By the end of the game, he had scored around 150 goals with an in-game score of just under 50,000 points.

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