Substract OSRS's player count from rsgoldfast's blog

Just two, OSRS gold, which is the one coming to steam, and then there is Old School Runescape (OSRS). OSRS is a variant of this game out of 2007 but it still receives fresh updates.

The real player count is displayed in here, or you can visit RS3's main webpage, take the count from them and substract OSRS's player count.

I can not recall what, I believe old school again. Either way old school and 3 are both lvl 1.

Perhaps I could jump back in. Sucks though lava cape, some 99 capes, along with a pleasant bankroll

These days, I would probably recommend just playing other games known because of their atmosphere & stories, like Fallout New Vegas. RuneScape is a glorified midieval cookie cutter clicker. It is a skinnerbox plus a mindhack, but some people today enjoy the skinnerbox.

Quests are not really the principal means to level up in the two versions of Runescape. They do give you a bit of XP for particular skills when you finish them, but in case you did all of the quests in the game you would not have max stats in anything.

In fact you'll find that for a lot of the buy runescape mobile gold mid to late game quests you will have to grind some abilities yourself to fulfill the prerequisites to even begin it. With Runescape the major way you advance your character is grinding mobs for combat XP and grinding the skills for their individual ability XP. OpenRSC is a pretty good approximation of their original RSC. You won't be able to log in to your old accounts, but all the additional content is there.

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