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By using equipment and Grinders or Lambda Grinders, you can level up a weapon or device's Grind. The rarer the product, the PSO2 Meseta adventure goes into it. Gear with high Grind levels also provide more expertise, which means that you are able to use a three star weapon to sew a nine star weapon, which may then be utilized on your own 13 star weapon for better outcomes. It's a fantastic way to use up items that are lesser.

At level 10, Potentials could be unlocked with Photon Spheres or Boosters. These have to be unlocked to be able to keep on Grinding a weapon and updated every 10 degrees until 30. To level weapons over 30, you ought to look at your weapon's data to determine just how far it can go, then use Grind Cap items when Grinding. You may have noticed other items which can help with Grinding too like Grind Success and Reductions. As you level equipment the chance for failing a Grind becomes higher, but these items can reduce this.

As soon as you've obtained the best equipment and functioned on Grinding, you can move to the dreaded affixing and make a top-tier personality. This is a really difficult thing to do and can take a good deal of time to finish, so if rolling hardcore is not your thing, turn back now.Gear has skills which increases stats and sometimes gives bonuses. The amount of these varies per equipment, but more can be added as you affix. 

Affixing functions like Grinding where equipment is utilized as fodder, except abilities are upgraded, added or changed instead of the cheap Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta weapon's level. There is often a high probability of failure where the abilities you wanted do not take or the others are replaced in the procedure.

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