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 Next gen versions of Madden 20 coins 06, 07, 08, 09 and most of 10 didn't possess MUT and they all had a shitty franchise mode. MUT makes a lot of money and lots of individuals play with it, but do not behave like it's taking development time because it obviously isnt't. The actual reality is Madden Franchise mode was shit way before MUT was a thing and EA is 100% to blame because they got idle the second they did not need to compete with 2K. Pretty sure Madden 05 for PS2/Xbox was.

I really don't play with video games as often as I used to. Maybe I have grown out of these, however I love sports and worry about the days of this fun sports games from when I was a kid (nearly 28 now). Call it nostalgia punking me when there were multiple gambling titles in each game but I loved it. Madden 17 was the Madden I skipped.

 I bought 18 as it was discounted since it felt so empty, but I touched it. I tried playing with MUT. Nevertheless, although didn't waste a penny on the mode,y'understand how opportunity costs go. I spent way too much time grinding in it, and time is money. I guess I could have been wasting the time doing something different.

It just feels like the year to year differences are minimal and far & few between. The presentation was amazing and every game felt completely submersive. Is a game that is over 15 years old featuring? Drives me batshit, as someone who only wants to view Madden do. But year in, year out although folks will continue to Mmoexp Mut 20 coins purchase it at full price, and I am not talking shit. Of course, it does not seem that will ever happen. EA rakes in the money from MUT.

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