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I want all these group events back and the weekly penguins. It there's little to no reason to interact with other players and ended up being lots OSRS gold of fun. OSRS has come to be a single player game with other people in the manner. Just Nerf the exp rates some to balance it but not so much that it is useless.I miss the penguins. A whole lot of people believe that D&Ds are a part of what destroyed RS but I found them fun.I want all of these group events back along with the weekly penguins. It there's little to no reason to ever interact with other gamers and was a lot of fun. OSRS has come to be a single player game with different people in the manner. Just Nerf the exp rates it to balance but not so much that it's useless.

I had an idea to get a tree that is. The shrub has roots which grow out which need to be sliced to cope damage and the tree attacks the participant in various manners. E.G. roots become spiked coping damage to the participant, yet another root may be transformed into a state that heals the shrub. After they burst In addition to seeds being thrown out to the ground which deal damage to the player in a certain area.

They should have added wicked trees back a very long time. Its a fantastic factor for groups of individuals to get together and perform. Its a fantastic and easy social occasion for pvmers and skillers. We need to send this to jagex.Only problem is this would add yet another thing to do every day, and again in the day Dailyscape proved to be a true (annoying) thing as you felt as you weren't being effective if you didnt take part. So that its worth cheated if you didnt login to perform your daily might be tricky coming up with a way.

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Dailyscape surely lead me to burnout hard. I felt that I was training like half of my abilities only passively by doing dailies.I really recently came back to RuneScape and was pretty sad that Hunter, one of my favorite skills, is now mostly passive through Birdhouses. Would hate to find out skills go that way. Birdhouses are the only passive approach. It's not great for training XP if you're needing to level up fast to unlock particular requirements, but it's certainly one way to train it in case you can't be bothered skilling. Using passive methods would accumulate together not to become passive at all, although I really don't think it would be awful to have only 1 method like that to get a skill.

Why would you not do the runs and train with Chins so question? It's not like they made it. There's a ton of content I ignore because I dont really enjoy doing it. I'm interested why they irritate you. I have a couple clanmates who feel like things and I wish to attempt to comprehend their point of view.

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