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Foam pumppackaging forms are quite popular at present. At the beginning, most of them were only applied to cleansing Mu Si products. With the expansion of the market and the expansion of the consumer population, some brands have flexibly applied this packaging form and expanded the product items, resulting in products such as foam facial cleanser, foam isolation and foam facial mask, which are now widely seen.

First, explain these products in principle. It may not be clear why the product can directly extrude dense and rich foam. In principle, there is still a difference. The packaging form adopts the unified form of foam pump head. Through this pump head, the density of liquid can be increased instantaneously to assist in extruding foam.

The quality of the pump head selected by different products is different, which directly affects the size, elasticity and tightness of the extruded foam, as well as the foam quantity and foam shape retention time. The relatively high-quality pump head can achieve a stable and consistent amount of foam extruded during each use, which can be described as quantitative use. According to the extrusion times, the usage amount of each time can be determined, and the service life is long; after a bottle of product is used up, a supplement liquid can be added to continue to use.

No matter whether the formula has been improved or not, the novel packaging form is still quite eye-catching. As a friend who likes to try new things, you can also try to see it and customize the packaging of foam pump according to your preference. If you are interested, please contact us: foam pump manufacturers.

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