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Even though the Temporis Dofus Kamas servers, the third of the title, are themed about Bonta versus Brakmar, the competition between the Dark City and the White City is just nothing new. You understand them thanks to the alignment quests, but for several decades now, Amayiro his Brakmarian counterpart, and Oto Mustam, have gotten into the practice of writing each other some fairly letters.Each and every day, we are fortunate to join our team and work with you to offer you this playing field -- imperfect as it is, but full of surprises and charm -- and to create this epic story. We are infinitely grateful that you have followed and continue to think in DOFUS. And because we adore you, we have cooked up a couple of surprises for you. We hope you enjoy them! A new event is going to take place, and everybody who's ever dreamed of walking Ankama's halls will probably get a opportunity. At least practically!

This adventure -- only available for a limited period -- push you into a brand-new setting full of wacky Ankamians and will open up the doorways to an adventure on the edges of reality for you! To give you a good idea, here is a look at Ankama and in our cafeteria from the game! The brand-new benefits can only be obtained during this function. They will be connected to your personality for life rather than available in the store. They comprise two emotes, a new ceremonial shield, three names, an ornament, and more. You'll want to discover the rewards in the game's rest! This event will arrive with the update and is unique!

A few weeks before, we declared that we had been planning on opening a new"retro" server. This machine will start at the end of September! A"retro server" naturally usually means that the delight of re-living the original DOFUS encounter, together with everyone starting out on equal footing with an improved version 1.29. But it also means. A somewhat more retro experience! And for us: the marginally rigid administration and management of a game developed"the conservative manner", with fewer chances and less independence. DOFUS 2.x was designed so that teams can intervene to buy dofus kamas echo fix potential problems, but DOFUS 1.x was created as a sealed whole in that there would never be any issues. :)

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