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Theoretically, in the event that you got to RuneScape gold choose 1 part of rs lore to be accommodated into a movie (animated or otherwise) with a professional studio, then what would you choose? It may be anything in a quest to an early battle or to a historic event (like the last part of Zaros' empire and it is denigration, end with Zamorak's betrayal). It can comprise several parts of lore if they're all related.My choice would be the"Fall of the Six". The movie would go into detail concerning the various battles, and produce the barrows as characters.

So you know, my brother Aegon. He freaked out'cause he stumbled upon a Youtube movie of Zaros being given a light simularcum. He was like"what the is wrong with you? How could you do that to Zaros? You are just as poor as Zamorak! Zaros is the god? Are you blinded by the hatred of him which you'd risk the Elders destroying all of Gielinor simply to spite him? Are you really that petty? If Zaros dies, so does everyone else, that comes with you, why can't you realize, you dumb?" Then he realized he was getting all worked up over pixels at a match, but he still kept on ranting, and it got me thinking...If you gave Zaros the mild simularcum in Fate of the Gods, could he die? ~Queen Sister, Consort and Visenya to His Grace Aegon that I Targaryen

I do not want this to be a discussion thread, only as a notification.For those who are unaware, in 2010 throughout a video created with a Mod Sam J regarding the audio of Jagex, a map was glimpsed for a few seconds. This was categorized as a flow on the wiki but nobody knew exactly what it meant. A couple of weeks ago I'd noticed there was a part on an article of this unofficial wiki talking about unknown locations, relating to a continent north of morytania which wasn't Fossil Island, and left a thread asking people about it. A few had educated me that it may be about the map leak from 2010, and this revived my interest in it sufficient to take it. A couple of the mods could not recognize it, but after a few weeks, Mod Stu realized it as a map from among the generations of Stellar Dawn, an upcoming game that has been in development for a long time.I wanted to spread the word to cheap OSRS gold those curious after all these years, even if possible take it off the epic wiki, we understand what it's now.I hope this has brought close to many of you

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