Powerful monsters inside of them in MapleStory M from Sletrry's blog

I'm assuming the game will go down for maintenance sooner or later within another few hours on account of the DDoS. I know you guys cannot prevent the game all the time, but you do have control within the MaplestoryM Mesos. Last time, you guys disrespected us with Teleport rock and 15~30 coins. Although those stones are helpful, the loss of the coins isn't worth teleport stone in my opinion. At a day, a player could get 50 coins from boxes and 25. Due to the horrible state the servers were still in, last time , I did not get to even play the game daily. So this time, can we please get 75 coins least?

The coins is what I am mainly concerned about, because we could only get so much per participant in daily to save up for these pricey (sorta) maplestory items at the maplestory Coin Shop. Eh, nothing more for me to add. Please give this some consideration, and thank you beforehand for resolving the connectivity issue.Edit: I had been in the match whilst creating this thread. Umm. .

Raid is a pesticide for bugs. I received the robots a solution! Everybody fly and is conscious of these Demon Slater bots botting for Elite buy Maple M Mesos/ vacuum all the items in the bonus stage. Some questionable level individuals or to receive a HS/Kishin mule also us in coaching bots. Some very low level bots like Jetts, are used to market in Henesys/FM as well as Ard.

I know GMs responsible for user abuse do not accept this and make a bid to prohibit these players. A problem is that botters, reproduce very fast due to that have sequences because of their IGNs and all they do is loop a script with a couple loops and loops.

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