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 The Astells were reviewed and we worked to make each abilities to personalize & enhance them.What sets Astellia besides other games? At its roots Astellia is a classic MMO with a spin, and the spin is your Astel system. The Astels give freedom over their own expertise to players. The Astels are as diverse as the center courses. From healers buffers, paper cannons, it exists and the players' travel through the game with the Astels at all Astellia Online Asper.

Will a money store be present? If so, what type of items are you going to be selling? A money store will be present, however we're selling cosmetic products. We know that it's a worry for gamers when a Eastern MMO is brought to the West that it will have uncontrolled P2W.

We've got another mindset, we want players to'Play to Win', and also exactly what I mean by that items you'd usually see on a P2W cash shop will instead be available for currency acquired through playtime, a loyalty system, or alternative in-game mechanics.

Will you support the game post release? We have a group of experienced MMO publishers who have worked to set up an infrastructure to  support safe Astellia Online Asper site. We would like to provide for the community and troubles growing. As for Astellia's ongoing development, while we can't give a lot of details, Astellia has a bright and long future for articles.

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