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The fact of the situation is the same, although about pricing all you want, you can argue:Additional games provide better services then Buy Runescape gold WITHOUT as subscription AT ALL. The MMORPG Guild Wars 2 gives out about 80% of it is base-game content at no cost, and If you want the rest, 

It's a flat fee, and not a subscription you need to maintain.If you're looking to grind, attempt"Universal Paperclips", an entirely free idle game that is entertaining and interesting to play all the way until the end.

And because you stated you did not actually read any of my criticisms, you may have admitted they're accurate. If you can actually rebut them, be my guest.For your convenience, here's a listing of several criticisms I have of Runescape:Why does there need to be buy runescape accounts 2007 a subscription? Would It be worse without it? -Would Runescape be better with less grind? If so, then why is not it?

Why is there so many bots? Is it because Runescape leaves you into a living grinding machine? -In what circumstance is really being a Skinner box a great? -is OSRS better than it's competitors? Why are some fall rates so low?

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