First half Rs gold is very nostalgic for me from rsgoldfast's blog

First half Rs gold is very nostalgic for me I started playing rs at February 2002 back in classic and maintained playing classic up untill 2005 if jagex decided to kill classic in a single day by banning 75 percent of the player base for botting and made it so no new accounts could be created, then I changed to rs2 2005-2009 then cease for a couple of years and came back into 2012 when I discovered about free trade and pking being back,

 but I was kate to the party and only got about a month or so from it until eoc and stop untill 2013 if OSRS came out and still playing the classic days at which the fun I had had in Runescape pking with buddies on reduced lv pker accounts.

From level 77 prayer, the price increase was for the fastest way to make money on runescape third time, its actual 13m. I guarantee individuals with your bank have 99, or a prayer. Not everybody has a 500m+ lender from theotrix point of view I assume, he wants to make a video which applies to people in many different financial scenarios, that is why he shows all the data about bones that are much quicker to do however be more expensive.

You would go for a few of those bone methods, In case you have that much cash. That the ensouled head techniques are for people that don't have" full justic with tort, prims, and dragon hunter lance" I am only pointing out once again that he made a mistake in the cost in the video in case he wished to mend it and re-upload. A cost differential of 140 percent is quite a mistake despite maybe simply being depending on who you are but its still significant percentage wise.

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