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I like if you make ESO Blades Gold a movie about a game you like. I am most interested in movies like this that try to remain focused on why they enjoy something rather than your rant about mmo not mmo BS. Honestly every individual who watches your movies has their own opinions about exactly what an mmo is but we may not have had some interaction with Torchlight Frontiers you appear to like.


 That is what I need to hear more of. There's my rant. :-RRB- bet nobody cared.The matter with Frontiers is not the huge number of players in a single zone, but rather that the seemless transition from personal to public zones. If you are in a little zone, like state, a dungeon iablo dungeons, not WoW dungeons) with 4 players and you leave to a bigger area (albeit still modest compared to non-instanced MMOs) with 12 players all that seemless come and go through the zone... than it isn't unlike a traditional MMO.


Were really excited to see that a new torchlight game. . But guy. . They're making some really silly decisions. Would you really make a game work that appears to have a larger scope than poe and d3 phoning itself an mmo, but with 4 classes and no build defining gear? Seems kinda slow, tl2 failed at reduced level too but got a lot better


later. However, what saved tl2 for me was actually ESO Blades Items the very excellent mod support, witch of course isn't likely to be in an online game. . So yea man I am less than thrilled.I want to play with it... But it's closed Alpha. (redeem key unavailable.) We obtained fortnite.) Can you perform Orcs should perish? Long and short the beauty of Torchlight 2 was the totally awesome mod community.

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