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Overpopulation and continuous migration have become the signs of modern life, while the impact of natural disasters has made many people homeless. The traditional concept of housing is out of date, which has also inspired people to think about their own living space.

Expandable container houseis one of the new ideas. It is green, environment - friendly, time-saving and labor - saving. It is very flexible and changeable. Compared with traditional housing, it can provide more choices for households. Individuals, families and even communities can get what they need. Houses made of containers can also be full of fashion flavor and are very friendly to the environment.

So when we live in a container house, what are the ways to improve the firmness of the container house?

1. Select the address with appropriate hardness as the foundation

The container house is actually different from the traditional reinforced concrete hotel in essence. The hardness of the foundation and the terrain will have a direct impact on its firmness. Therefore, social groups that choose to invest in container houses must pay attention to the quality of the foundation in the actual construction process. If conditions permit, it is best to check the hardness of the foundation through hardness testing.

2. Control errors in the construction process

It is well known that the firmness of objects on the horizontal base surface is generally higher than that on the inclined base surface, and this law is also applicable to the construction of container houses. Therefore, during the construction of the container house, we must control the construction quality and strive to control the errors occurring in the construction process to a range that does not affect its firmness.

3. Carry out construction work in strict accordance with established procedures

The construction of container house is actually a complicated and huge project. Once an abnormal situation occurs in a certain construction link, it will affect the overall quality and firmness of the project. Therefore, during the actual construction of the container house, the construction process must be strictly implemented, and the construction operation must be carried out according to the requirements of the construction process in each stage.

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