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I personally RS gold can't wait for this game to hit iOSas I'm playing with it on my Android apparatus tethered to my iPhone Which really just goes to show how awful my RuneScape obsession is now. I can not think of a time I've rocked two phones just to play a game. My chief regret is currently taking this long to get into RunScapebutas they sayBetter late than not.


The games industry plays host to an excellent cast of vibrant and varied individualsfrom artists and coders.The abilities to pull off these charactershoweverare complicated and differing with each position requiring command in its field.As suchwatching a game come together is a beautiful thing akin to a mystery as an overall picture becomes whole.To highlight some of the brilliant work that goes on behind the screenand help others who may be keen to dip inPocketGamer.biz has decided to reach out to the individuals who


constitute the games sector using our Jobs in Games series.This timethe spotlight is on the narrative designer Sarah Longthorne of Fusebox.My role involves working as part of a team of authors write the storylines and to develop. Being a choicebased visual novelthere is also a reasonable quantity of game layout thrown into the mixbut the


largest part of what we do would be writing.I'm cheap OSRS gold currently beavering away at season twothat comes out next summeras well as the reunion episode for season one.How did you first get into games and how can you progress into this roleI started my matches profession working as an email marketing planner at Jagexresidence of RuneScape. I had come from a marketing

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