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In recent years, the development of the urban construction industry has been in full swing. While driving economic development, it has also brought some safety hazards - construction waste. Construction waste itself is a misplaced resource, which can be effectively treated and transformed into a treasure for the benefit of mankind. After continuous upgrading and upgrading, the Portable Crusher Plant has become a good helper for the recycling of construction waste, contributing to its resource conservation and environmental protection.First, construction wasteIn recent years, urban house demolition, road expansion and other projects have continued, construction waste has shown a large growth pattern. According to relevant data, Zhengzhou City construction waste reached 49.26 million tons at the end of 2016. Faced with such an astonishing figure, if traditional The method of backfilling is not only occupies land resources, but also causes certain pollution to the environment. The treatment effect is small, and a slight accident will bring secondary pollution. This is not a wise choice. The effective disposal of construction waste is imminent, and the market urgently needs high-quality equipment to realize the recycling of construction waste.Second, portable crushing stationThe portable crushing plant is a kind of portable crushing equipment. It breaks the bondage of traditional crushing equipment and carries forward the advantages of portable. It plays an important role in the chemical industry, mining, construction and other industries that need to be moved. In recent years, with the in-depth application of the Mobile Crusher in the construction waste industry, construction waste can be turned into a resource with development potential and become an important equipment for recycling construction waste. Of course, the portable crushing station can be combined with crushing equipment and sand making equipment according to the actual production situation of the user, which not only improves the production efficiency, but also saves the comprehensive cost for the user when the multi-purpose machine is used. Such equipment will be subject to the user's favorite. In addition, the portable crushing station is divided into a tire type portable crushing station and a crawler type portable crushing station, and the user can select according to actual conditions. SBM mechanical support is “tailor-made” and users have more choices.

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