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Regarding the crusher family, I think it is necessary to give everyone a common number of common ones. For those jobs with a large crushing ratio, in addition to the need for uniformity of particles without uniformity, there will be a jaw crusher. Such as mining, smelting, building materials, highways, etc. For positions with selective crushing requirements, such as highways and hydropower construction, impact crushers are generally used, which also have the characteristics of large crushing ratio. Below our main character debut, cone crusher. The cone crusher is also called a hydraulic cone crusher. So what is a cone crusher and how does it work? The most commonly used crusher classifications are there three types in general? Don't worry, we will introduce in detail next.Why is it called a Cone crusher? As the name implies, the cone crusher has a fixed cone and a moving cone, and the two work together. The fixed part is called the fixed cone, and the part that makes the revolving motion is called the moving cone. The cone crusher has an important system, the hydraulic system. The size of the crusher discharge port is realized by the hydraulic system. The stability and safety of the operation are all escorted by the hydraulic system. If foreign matter appears in the crushing chamber, the hydraulic system is used to adjust the position of the cone to eliminate foreign matter, and then Automatically restored to the original position.So how is the classification of the cone crusher defined? The three most commonly used types are SMG series, spring type and HPC type. The advantage of the SMG series is that it can be crushed by lamination under the premise of filling, so that the particles of the crushed material are better, and more crushing chambers and eccentricity can be selected to increase the output to satisfy the customers. Claim.What are the advantages of the spring type, and under what circumstances is the broken spring type more suitable? The spring safety system and the clearing system are unparalleled advantages of the spring type. If there is any foreign matter that cannot be broken in the cavity, or there is overload of the device, the spring insurance mechanism can adjust the amount of stone. If there is a special situation in the process of stone removal, the ore card cannot be excluded at the discharge port. Will play a role in further increasing mine discharge. Ensure the discharge of foreign matter.The HPC series of high-efficiency hydraulic cone crushers are advanced super crushers in the country and the world today. Experts combine the superior speed, stroke and Stone Crusher Liner to further improve the performance of the cone crusher. Both productivity and production efficiency have a qualitative leap. In addition, its superior ability has expanded its application range, whether it is a perfect combination of crushing speed, eccentricity (stroke) and high-performance crushing cavity design. It not only improves productivity and crushing efficiency, but also expands the range of applications, whether it is a variety of medium or fine crushing or ultra-fine crushing operations can be completed satisfactorily.

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