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Introduction to galena

Galena is a lead mineral with strong metallic luster and widely distributed in China. Its origin is mainly distributed in Yunnan, Guangdong, Qinghai and other places in China. It is used to extract lead as a major mineral.

The galena Ultrafine mill is the main equipment for grinding the other lead mines. It has the characteristics of simple structure, convenient operation, high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection, etc. It can bring higher benefits to the user's production, and it is affected by the market. Users are unanimously favored, what is the price of galena ultrafine mill? Which galena ultrafine grinding mill manufacturers equipment is more affordable? Let's learn about it together with Xiao Bian.

The galena ultrafine mill price influencing factors

1, the device model

According to surveys, the galena ultrafine grinding machines commonly used in the market are φ1200x2400, φ1830x6400, φ2400x2500, and φ3600x4500. However, due to their drum speed, ball load, motor power and equipment weight All of them are different. The difference in their models will not only affect the user's profitability in the later period, but also cause different prices for the galena ultra-fine mills with different models in the market because of different inputs from manufacturers.

2, supply and demand relations

The difference between the supply and demand will also affect the price of the ultrafine grinding mill of the other side. When the demand for equipment from the market increases, the supply of equipment will increase when the supply from the manufacturer cannot meet its demand. On the contrary, if the supply of the manufacturer's counterpart lead ultrafine grinding mill on the market is far greater than the demand of users, the price of the lead ore Ultrafine mill above the market will be reduced within a certain range due to oversupply.

3, the quality of the equipment

Quality is a concern for users when purchasing equipment. The quality of galena ultrafine grinding mill will not only affect the user's production, but also affect the price of the equipment. Under normal circumstances, the higher the quality of the equipment, the manufacturers The higher the cost of investment in production, the greater the profitability for the user's production, so the higher the quality of the galena ultrafine grinding mill, the more expensive the market.

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