Raymond Mill's serious vibration and loud noise solution from xuanxuan's blog

When raymond mill is in use, the sound is relatively large before the material is fed. When the grinding roller rotates in the grinding chamber, it will emit a loud sound of metal rolling noise. This is a normal category, when the material enters the grinding chamber. The sound will become smaller. This is because the roller is rolling the material. Because there is padding under the roller, the sound is not so big. During the rolling process, the blade throws up the material, and then The grinding roller is used for grinding and grinding, so as to achieve the powder, the finished powder will be blown by the blower, analyzed by the analyzer, then enter the pipeline, and finally fall into the powder collector.

When raymond mill main machine shakes badly, it is necessary to stop the inspection, first check whether the materials are piled up, not row out, and the vibration caused by it. Then check Raymond machine's grinding roller and grinding ring, is it deformed or lost? If it is, it will also cause large vibrations and noises. If it is, it will replace the grinding roller or grinding ring, and it can eliminate the failure; another reason will also cause a big shock, that is, the loosening of the anchor bolts and the anchor bolts. Raymond machines cannot be well fixed. When the material enters, the rotation of the motor will cause the main engine to sway, resulting in a large vibration failure. In this case, the machine should be shut down immediately and the anchor bolts must be tightened.

Raymond Mill's operability is very important, should be carried out in strict accordance with the operating manual, failure, immediate maintenance, may not be forced to start with a faulty Raymond Mill work, so as not to cause greater losses.

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